In order to trade news in forex which web sites are the best? related questions

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In order to trade news in forex which web sites are the best?0jade.2012-10-27 16:29:56
To trade forex news which websites are best?
I trade with news on Forex, and I would like to find traders who also trade with news to share expertise?0jake1232012-10-21 00:34:02
I trade with Forex news and would like to find traders who trade with news to share your experience?
FOREX: Can somebody give some names of a few good sites that can give me forex-related news releases?...?1Deberal2012-08-19 07:46:02
... Actually, does anybody outthere trade strictly around news releases, and if so, how is it working for you? How many pips do you make/ lose on average, and how long do you usually hold trades for? For people out there who trade with technical indicators, which ones work best for you? do you have any advice for somebody who is still in the learning stages? Personally, I try to trade around whatever trends I can notice ("the trend is your friend" rule), does anyone have any trend-based startergies they'd like to share with me? Good luck traders!
What kind of news should I start reading in order to make decisions about forex trading?2Arle2012-07-30 16:12:56
I have a check in the mail for $ 40 from my forex account . I blindly put money in EUR / USD. So now I know this is real and can make money with it , what kind of news should start to pay attention too? What section should I start reading newspaper and things of that nature
Forex News Trading - Are you an Active News Trader who Tracks the Fundamental Release?0cassandra2012-07-15 12:37:03
Do you recommend this strategy in the Asia-Pacific forex markets -- Singapore, HK, Japan, Australia & NZ?
Can anyone please help me with economic forex news announcements? ( real time ) trading news.?0ALAYAH2012-08-18 16:16:02
I need real time ( live) economic news forex trading
How can one trade the forex market and most importantly trade the news in the forex market?0caro2012-09-12 12:05:05
How do you operate in the forex market and the most important news of the trade in the Forex market ?
Is it legal to trade in foreign currencies. Can I trade with and other trading sites?0Kaveri2012-08-14 23:50:04
Is it legal to trade in foreign currencies. ¿ I can negotiate with and other commerce sites ?
If I Open a trade in forex, Does it mean I'm creating a "market order"?0Mokete2012-09-15 21:21:03
I'm a newbie in forex trading , just downloaded a broker platform and make demo / practice account . MedlinePlus I see no option called "free trade" and also called " restore order " . I am confused that whether to open a position you must click "free trade " or " bring order " because what I learned from tutorials is that currency to buy or sell at the moment , create a " market order " , but in my business practice demo account is opened with just simple click on "free trade" , so I wonder what role the " place order "
Good Financial News Sites to Follow for Trading Stocks?0btd2012-10-25 10:07:22
Hello , I am a software engineer and I am in the initial design phase of an action - bot (ie automated trading system using machine learning of math and a lot of other / science / statistical techniques ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One of the things I'd like to be able to do is gather financial news items related to the market on a daily basis , and process those . I found a few (hopefully ) a good source of financial news such as Yahoo Finance and CNN Money , but I wonder what news sites experienced traders out there would like to get their news from ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , if any of you are familiar with building robots share any useful information would be appreciated. On the other hand , if your response to this message is that it is impossible to build or stupid , please include a justification for such intelligent answer ( just saying it's a bad idea is not useful or informative) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance MedlinePlus Mike MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS . All negative responses (ie , do not try to build a bot answers in shares ) not containing intelligent justification why not ( as previously requested ) is supposed to come from people less intelligent and ignored :)
Where to get immediate forex news?0anan2012-08-21 12:24:02
Hello I wonder if where to get forex news immediately . Forex factory calendar currently use to update and share the news as soon as possible . But most of the time , shared the news is not fast enough MedlinePlus I really appreciate the work done by the Forex Factory , but I would ask if anyone knows what is the fastest source for forex news. Please give any suggestions of free or paid services . I am more interested in knowing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thank you
Anyone know of forex fundamental news trading?0 색깔을 나타내는 단어 2012-10-19 17:16:14
how to trade upon the news and also get the reason for the transfer of der any website to learn ..

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