What do you think about this guys personality???

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Greetings Earthlings, I come to this land called Russia. I moved to the United States when he was only four years old. I'm a decent student, but in high school it all went wrong. In need of money and lack of employment in the area to steal again. After a few years or so couples gave me because I stole a gun and I do not want trialed as an adult. Just a month before my 18th birthday. A year later I am free and decide to leave school. It's hard to explain, but my average fell like I got all F, when in fact, I have aes. Anyway, now I'm in community college, good grades, and an international business plan, that is my dream. I'm learning French because I love France. Well that's my life. Now I'm interested in the stock market, financial success, but also the nature and being outdoors. I love walking, swimming, boating, camping, and most importantly, Parkour, Parkour is my modern life. It helps me escape my mind. I see the world differently, from the angles. When I run I have no fear of getting caught, because I know that no one can catch me. Im agile, fast and very accurate. I read about the stock market and only on the stock market. That's all I have to learn. Trading is my life. I want to succeed on a scale unimagiable sitting at my computer and check charts. I just want to travel the world and see new places. Ideally, I'll retire a millionaire and do what I've always wanted to do. Calm down, still traveling. I'm afraid I'll never find my queen. Today, I'm not paying much attention to girls and love. This will only complicate my future, because I have thought about moving to a more likly college out of state. Even then in college I have plans to work abroad in business ... Then, when and if I have success the girls who are interested are materialists, who does not love me.

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