Stock trading...any website where I can invest with PLAY MONEY but works like a real money site? related questions

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Stock trading...any website where I can invest with PLAY MONEY but works like a real money site?0m-cook2012-10-27 12:50:57
Thanks in advance . I would invest $ 25,000 and would like to try with play money first. MedlinePlus thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus alex
Trading stocks with play money website? Interactive stock market website with fake money?1H... ASAP2012-09-29 05:24:03
I thought I read somewhere online from a website ( like E - trade or something) where you can play the stock market with play money ? I thought it would be a good way to learn about the market without losing real money. But now I've been searching the web and I can not find anything like it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about , or what I just dream this? Thank you !
Is there a website that allows you to PRACTICE stock trading WITHOUT using real money?0christina sozaine2012-07-20 03:17:02
Anybody know of a site that let's you trade real stocks but without using money so you can learn before jumping into it? Either that or any programs out there that fit this description?
Which is the easiest way to invest/play with money?0physics(sorry)2012-10-22 23:49:04
I'm an engineering student , and I just received a gift of, say , $ 100. Is there any way I could spend online to trade ... etc ? Obviously , I have no time to become a full-time man stocks or forex trader. However, is there anything that a student could do with that money ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically I want to do it for the thrill of seeing my money grow.
What are some good websites where I can invest and trade with play money?0Cole2012-10-24 14:01:23
I'm looking to get some experience trading stocks and make other investments , but do not want to do it with real money yet. Are there websites that allow a person to use play money to gain some experience ? Thanks for the time .
What is the best site to practice day trading w/o real money?0arshdeep2012-10-12 19:16:13
What is the best place to practice day trading w / o real money ?
Where people can invest their money to trad google,yahoo,orkut,facebook and other site share ?0N-PROPER-COLL 2012-09-08 00:12:02
any place to trade or invest in a website
I bought a card and asked the site you want to punch in the money. Why do I not get board. User name Password does not say that I am. When I play the game can go in,1Zona2012-05-28 19:51:13
Type Yes I'm sure, tried N times. Meet, talk , thanks
No money. where to start? internet business? currency trading? what business to invest with a little money?2ishmam2012-11-04 12:40:02
No money. where to start? Internet business ? currency trading ? what companies to invest some money ?
How much money does it take to play the stock market?0Sanca & Cho2012-10-13 15:18:35
I'm particuarly interested in online e- commerce . Is this something I can start making a few hundred dollars , or need more like a few thousand ?
Is the stock market only profitable if you invest a lot of money?1nawaf2012-09-08 10:28:01
I am a poor college student and I have a stock account, but I only have fifty dollars in it. I was thinking about buying a fraction of a share in a company I like, but I was thinking into it. The cost to trade with this particular account is $9.95. Does this also apply to the selling fee? I am not very knowledgeable yet about stocks, so I have been reading about them to learn more. So if I were to buy only fifty dollars' worth, would that mean that the company would need steady growth for several years in order to turn even a tiny profit due to the trading fees (By tiny profit I mean only a few dollars, lol)? Experienced and wisened people, how much money do you recommend investing at minimum? Thank you!
How much money do i need to invest in any of United State's stock exchanges?0Huiying2012-08-13 00:27:03
I have the intention to negotiate in the U.S. stock market within a year or so .... is a fixed amount to be deposited before starting to trade , how much money do I need to do ? and how should I follow? I currently live in Pakistan.

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