How to tell my best friend to just shut up?

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Well , she's my best friend . She thinks she's all that. When she is not. When I talk to my other friends , they say I should get a new friend because I'm "popular " and that could get someone to do much better . Examples :
I'm a really good singer . People say I can be famous . But when I heard singing , she does everything she left me . And when going to concerts and stuff , she recorded the song for girls , she says she is " help reduce my ego " . and she always tells me I'm horrible when I know I'm not. My choir teacher used to tell me I was the best in class . MedlinePlus She always calls me fat. She does not come out straight and say " your too fat ." or anything, but it says . We traded shirts and she said "the time your bff shirt does not fit because it is too large." and shirt ( which he borrowed ) in an absolutely perfect . And when I said I was half , she said " b * tch please .. " I even turned to her - . - MedlinePlus Then I can draw well, and she was so angry . She always like " just stop. You will not get very far with the picture." and she always puts me down . MedlinePlus And personally , I think she is not pretty or skinny . She is normal. Shes Marrying prettier. And I do not want to be wrong with that , because that's when I need it and she is having problems in your life right now , but it is annoying me so much . She always tries to beat me in anything I can. I will say .. MedlinePlus I learned a new song . Shell mean, what ? I can play many songs on guitar . MedlinePlus I just want him to shut the **** up .

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