Would would happen to the US economy if the dollar stopped being the world's reserve currency overnight? related questions

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Would would happen to the US economy if the dollar stopped being the world's reserve currency overnight?0tushar2012-10-26 08:37:14
The shelves of Wal - Mart goes empty during the night? DJA dropping 50 %? Mass Panic ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bretton_Woo
If the dollar loses its position as the worlds trading currency which currency will take over as the new tradi?0Rainbow2012-09-15 07:15:04
- ng coin?
Does financial gain from cap & trade explain why China suddenly stopped calling for a new reserve currency?0Lawrenc2012-09-04 09:21:03
China has been clamoring for a new global reserve currency for months . Many people do not know because the media does not report it on the front page or the evening news - you should go to investment pages to read about it MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus The last call was as recent as last week " MedlinePlus "China
Will the US dollar be able to keep a hold of its slipping status as reserve currency?0elian2012-08-02 11:37:52
By the force of arms by bribery by threat and by invasions and occupations The US has imposed upon the globe their currency enforcing their ONE WORLD CURRENCY by gun boat diplomacy The military has been used to protect it Their corporations have used it to exploit all others And now it seems they are losing their ability to enforce their gun backed fiat currency in international trade Will the US dollar be able to keep a hold of its slipping status as reserve currency ?
US Dollar to be 'replaced as World's reserve and trading currency.' Is this good or bad?1camber2012-10-20 20:01:02
http://www.independent . co.uk / news / busine
Should we stop demanding the US dollar to be the reserve currency exporting inflation all over the world?1chey2012-09-10 01:49:02
U.S. must stop exploiting the world demanding the U.S. dollar as the world 's reserve currency international forcing banks to keep a large percentage of dollars in reserves , also we force all transactions to be oil in dollars , they also force all international trade in dollars. So when we create inflation by printing money backed only by fiat to international engineering demand through exports political exploitation of our worldwide inflation , while reaping the benefits is not immoral and wrong to do this too ? we should have sound money in America?
What would happen to the dollar if tomorrow trading oil wouldnt be dollar exclusive anymore?0Tasia2012-07-09 04:41:02
Will the US be able to retain it's position as world reserve currency with the currency economic problems?1malone2012-09-28 20:45:02
The dollar global reserve has been the U.S. per year for at least a few decades. This means that the U.S. is the only nation in the world that can pay its debts economic in its own currency All other nations must trade in U.S. dollars in international law --- Saddam Husein was a brutal dictator who murdered and had killed some of his people tortured only for disagreeing The U.S. Rumsfeld and Saddam were friends sold the gas that killed the Kurds and to rent helicopters to deliever Iraq was invaded for the crime of weapons of mass destruction --- Now Iran has been at odds with Israel for 50 years or more is building a nuclear power plant with the help of Russian and Chinese help They have been having a hard time intergrating Russian and Chinese technology --- Because we are building and that Iranian scientists see and learn how to build a Internationally isolated by perceived threats to Israel, they have been doing for decades has started trading oil in yuan neiether meaning that Iran or China wants to deal in U.S. dollars more Other OPEC nations are talking openly about dumping U.S. dollar USDA Russia wants a world currency, but China wants a top 5 of the common currency for the Obama world's reserve is against all that one imagines a world currency as well, but as an American in the last 40 years or more 2 Weeks ago, the Fed announced it was buying Treasuries ---- Debt outstanding debt plus the addition of 700 billion dollar rescue the Bush --- and then again when Obama announced a trillion dollars in deficit spending Because forign investment of U.S. debt, either can not or will not buy more U.S. debt --- Which means they suspect that the U.S. is now simply print money Because every country that buys oil or shops in the international market is U.S. $ treasured for decades to buy oil If that's all back at once ---- hyperinflation will look Wiemar republic as a picnic It seems strange that Russia had to sell Alaska to you by international debts they could not afford and now might have to sell one State to China to pay its debt ...... ie if you lose your position as a reserve currency Is that reason enough to start a nuclear war?
Is Aussie Dollar is one of the world major currency,heavilly traded currency,popular currency?1Alvin2012-11-03 09:31:02
It is the Australian dollar is one of the world's major currencies , currency heavilly trade, popular currency ?
What if the world stopped trading with the dollar?4helpp!2012-09-05 04:23:03
What if the world stopped to operate with the dollar?
International Reserve Currency?0JC IS THE MAN BABY!!!!!!! 03*03*03* 2012-09-04 04:22:07
If they say that in 10 years or so , the Chinese yuan became the global currency exchange , which would ruin it for him? 'm Sposed to give half page entry for part of this work , and want to know what some of you think . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Would not it be a very bad thing because the Chinese are trying to loosen its dependence on the U.S. dollar ? So if you end up becoming the global currency , could not make it difficult for the U.S. to participate in world trade ?
What would happen to the US economy if.....?1Feli2012-08-09 19:36:41
....all the counties in the world started trading in Euro or another currency? How many cents on the dollar could the Federal reserve bank afford to pay out? And What would An America Government need to do in order to balance it's debts?

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