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Any one want to trade a $20 folica gift card for an amazon gift card?0Lenea2012-07-17 19:01:02
I won a folica gift card of $20. They sent me a code. I don't really want anything from there. so, if anyone wants to trade for an amazon gift card let me know. This is legit. thanks
How do I trade in a gift card on amazon?0Kathrin2012-10-26 04:23:03
I heard that if you have a gift card you do not want to use , you can take advantage of amazon for the same numerical balance and then you can have money in your Amazon account . How I can do this ?
Where can you trade an iTunes gift card code, for an Amazon gift card code?0abbi2012-11-03 17:20:27
Okay so i have a lot of money on my itunes account already, how can i sell this card and get an amazon code in return? All the websites I try, etc, never work right. can someone help?
Any want to trade my eBay gift card for an itunes gift card?0matt ferrisi2012-07-24 01:25:01
I got a $25 eBay gift card as a present but I'm not able to use it due to me not having a credit card and my parents being insecure of online shopping. So do any of you have a $25 iTunes unused gift card you're willing to trade? If so please answer!
Who wants to trade an app store gift card I got as a gift for an itunes store gift card?0genise2012-07-05 23:49:02
I got a 25 dollar AppStore gift card as an award for being "Favortie Cross Dresser" in a play, and I don't have an ipod touch or iphone with which to enjoy it. As far as I know, there isn't a way to buy songs or music videos on iTunes with an AppStore gift card, so if anyone wants to trade it with an itunes gift card, that would be super awesome. btw, I know you are completely capable of this right now, but try NOT to lie to me and rip me off, that would suck.
Can i trade in a 30 dollar gamestop gift card for cash.?2Sheela2012-11-04 23:41:02
All games are terrible now , and I need money fast . If not how much I can sell online in the
Can I trade my GameStop gift card code for a steam game?0사람이나 사물2012-07-25 18:52:02
I want to buy Fallout:New Vegas I tried buying it at GameStop and bestbuy but both were ethier sold out or didn't sell them anymore so I bought a GameStop gift card for 20 dollars but i just found out it dosent work on steam so can I transfer my GameStop gift card into steam?
Can money from Amazon gift cards be transferred into your bank account?0Shadoe2012-08-07 04:21:02
I have been selling a lot of things lately on , but there are some items not sold. Some of them are electronic components that can be marketed at , in exchange for a gift card . I wonder if you can deposit funds on your gift card payment account with Amazon and then transfer that amount into a bank / checking account.
Anyone want to trade Xbox Live points, time, or accounts for my $20 iTunes gift card?!?!?0georgeanna2012-08-26 23:22:17
Email me at [email protected] and respond by 2 points so free and know that you are interested . Please someone trade. thanks
Itunes gift card for two?4meimei2012-09-10 00:24:03
Hi - a friend gave him " my family," a $ 50 iTunes card - I thought that the card can be shared between the two children - but I can say , as soon as you log on to one account, else's account can not access it. So only a child can go against him. Anyway to split a card in half ? The iTunes website says you can not use a gift card to purchase gift cards or else change it for two.
Trading my gift card?0ramuu2012-07-22 19:10:02
I won a gift card from Lowe in a raffle. Do not buy at Lowe . Is there any way to get money to another store , or just get the money worth it? I know there are commercial sites, but not sure they are safe or not.
Can I return a Walmart Gift Card?0Jessica Trayah2012-10-08 01:16:09
I bought a Walmart gift card so you can use it on Amazon , because I could not find an Amazon gift card . The cashier told me I could use it when I asked if I could use it on amazon . But now it will not work when I tried . Is there any way to get my money back or exchange it for a gift card from Amazon ? I have the receipt.

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