In Espn fantasy football,i proposed a trade but want to rescind it (take it back)- i dont see an option 4this? related questions

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In Espn fantasy football,i proposed a trade but want to rescind it (take it back)- i dont see an option 4this?0Karinna2012-10-25 18:56:53
In ESPN Fantasy Football , I proposed a trade , but want to rescind ( take back ) - I do not see an option 4This ?
ESPN Fantasy Football Rescind Trade?0amy lorette2012-11-01 20:45:39
I proposed a trade in my fantasy football league on ESPN. After doing, and both parties agreeing to the transaction, my league is set to have a 48 hour grace period. During this grace period, I changed my mind and decided to rescind it. I can't find an option to do this however. Is it possible?
How do I trade draft picks in espn fantasy football?0grade 52012-07-07 05:15:02
I've checked, and my league definitely does allows draft pick trading. But when I go to propose a trade, I can't find anything about draft picks.
What happens in the event of collusion in fantasy football?0Mandy2012-09-03 13:21:02
This guy in my league seems to have two accounts sock on top of your main account and is sent to all their best players for a team of operations obviously horrible . I called ESPN and reported it and told me it would take 48-72 hours to process . It has been over 72 hours now and nothing has happened , what I can expect to happen ?
Fantasy Football trade option?0viv2012-10-12 18:11:01
I like my quarterback Tom Brady and I have Kyle Orton as my backup. I am suffering for runners who got a Propsal trade. want Kyle Orton and Jerome Harrison are offering .. Good trade ? Harrison is going to be a good choice
Where do you find the TRADING BLOCK on espn fantasy football page?0Mily2012-07-11 16:45:02
On espn fantasy does the draft pick trading work?0guzy2012-07-27 20:04:02
so they can trade photos in the middle of the season? or just before the project? or must do before the project? (In season). and if possible to do this season , as if someone sold me my first round AP selection , where are you going to do that , even if its possble . any input is appreciated.
How do I enable Draft Pick Trading on ESPN Fantasy Football 2010?0Cold cold ˉ 2012-07-08 06:21:02
I am the LM in a 2010 ESPN Fantasy Football Keeper League and I want my league may operate draft picks in their offices. I entered transactions and adjustments of the Guardian and I can not find a way to allow trade in the draft. Can anyone help ?
What do you think of my Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings?0Frederi2012-10-11 15:47:47
Give me some feedback and / or let me know any changes that you think would be good MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Adrian Peterson: shows year after year and that he can be consistent MedlinePlus 2. Chris Johnson-great player who took me to the end of last year, but is likely to wear out a little after 2000 yards. Plus rookie year had ankle problems that seem more likely to break after all that running MedlinePlus 3. Maurice Jones-Drew-Undoubtedly the best dual threat backfield player in the league MedlinePlus 4. Ray Rice-No doubt the second best dual threat backfield player in the league. Furthermore, it can be even better this year after a year of experience MedlinePlus 5. Steven Jackson-Do not count on Bradford to make any difference or even start this year. Next year is a different story, but for now the Rams will be all about the 5 # runner MedlinePlus 6. Frank Gore-If he stays healthy, who knows what damage can be done? MedlinePlus 7. DeAngelo Williams-Still young and fresh talent. Running with Jonathan Stewart has not affected his numbers before, and in fact his great year was his first with Stewart, why this year will be different? MedlinePlus 8. Rashard Mendenall-Jonathan Dwyer Developing their actions should not hurt at all MedlinePlus 9. Cedric Benson-A little too high? I like his chances of receiving a little help this year MedlinePlus 10. Michael Turner-A little too low? Maybe, but I'm still worried about the workload MedlinePlus 11. Ryan Grant showed me last year was real MedlinePlus 12. Shonn Greene-Perhaps one of the most promising riders in 2010 MedlinePlus 13. Jonathan Stewart-Produce great in a # 2 role reverse 14. Knowshon Moreno's going to be better for the MedlinePlus years 15. Beanie Wells-Ditto. Losing Warner shares helps a whole lot MedlinePlus 16. If Felix Jones can stay healthy, is going to be an amazing player in the coming years MedlinePlus 17. Jamaal Charles, loves playing, and I'd like to place it higher, but the signing of Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster writing hit it all the way until 17 MedlinePlus 18. Jerome Harrison-It looks good now, but has had three good games against three teams horrible, and done literally nothing more in his few years in the league MedlinePlus 19. Ronnie Brown took me well last year, but his injury midway through programs that can not be relied upon to stay healthy MedlinePlus 20. Matt Forte him, remember? The man who had one of the worst depressions in second year in recent history will recover courtyard fantasy-wise, but Chester Taylor gets the ball goal line MedlinePlus 21. Thomas Jones can still produce MedlinePlus 22. Steve Slaton-Subject can be dangerous for the defense, and he is a threat MedlinePlus duo- 23. Brandon Jacobs can not imagine it bouncing too dramatically this year MedlinePlus 24. Pierre Thomas can not trust him as it seems that Reggie Bush is starting to find his rhythm again college MedlinePlus 25. LeSean McCoy, Westbrook Gone helps a little, but with a new royal pure passer at quarterback, and Andy Reid calling the plays, LeSean probably will not get more than 15 carries per game MedlinePlus 26. Ahmad Bradshaw-great young player, but Jacobs steals the spotlight at the start RB MedlinePlus 27. CJ Spiller-going to start, but it will not get as many carries as he deserves. Your action will go up if and when the Bills trade Marshawn Lynch MedlinePlus 28. Fred Jackson-Almost 30, and after a great year, we expect to disappear behind the future of the offense: MedlinePlus Spiller 29. Joseph Addai-You can trust him to stay healthy as much as you can rely on Brett Farve to retire ... The rest is implied MedlinePlus 30. Ricky Williams-Over 30 and 1 good year with the real injured starter does not mean much, but it will still produce. Not as much as people expect though MedlinePlus 31. Future RB Ryan Matthews-large, and will get most of the carries in SD. Of course, you can not rank higher still ... MedlinePlus 32. Marion Barber-Every year fall and hope it never does. But this year is not going to start, so you can not expect much of a power that does not start MedlinePlus 33. Reggie Bush finally seems to be waking up, but Pierre Thomas still has to battle with a lot of carries MedlinePlus 34. Kevin Smith, a former 1st/2nd round guy drops to 34 after injury and a second bad year. Also, do not be surprised if Jahvid Best takes over this summer MedlinePlus 35. Darren McFadden-hope you stay healthy, and I think if you do, can finally do something this year. For now it is too light MedlinePlus 36. Jahvid Best-explosive player, who hope to take over midseason. MedlinePlus 37. Laurence Maroney-Everything this man does is disappointing after a promising rookie season. You can not rely on MedlinePlus 38. Tashard Choice, has clearly demonstrated that he can play, and clearly deserves a starting job somewhere, but for now he will be the man in the third position of Cowboys RB depth. However, if Barber and Jones are injured is not altogether unlikely, MedlinePlus be great 39. Chester Taylor-Gets the goal line carries and have a slightly larger role with a player as good as AP MedlinePlus 40. Cadillac Williams-Former Roy can still play, but can not stay healthy. As much as he likes
Is this a fair trade for ESPN MLB Fantasy Baseball 2012?0kendal2012-07-17 18:11:02
I can switch away from Brandon Inge , Kevin Youkilis, and a pitcher like Tim Hudson ( Atlanta ) or Jon Lester (Boston ) Receipt CC Sabathia ( he will be back after the break star of all ) and Miguel Cabrera. I have a weakness at third base , which means engineering or Youk , proposed this trade though. not a waste for me, as Inge and Youk are free agents, would be a sign and trade agreement. Or should I sign one? thanks in advance
ESPN Fantasy Baseball - Should I trade Evan Longoria for Ryan Zimmerman?0Diante2012-09-23 11:44:03
I can play in a league of ten mixed teams . Longoria played H2H Categories.I know is one of the options of first class all fantasy baseball , but I've had it for a long time and has not helped my team a lot . Zimmerman is only 6 games back from the DL . Here are some statistics . MedlinePlus Last 7 days Batting : MedlinePlus Run - H/AB-2/24 Longoria HR RBI SB -4 -0 -0 -0 - BA 0083 MedlinePlus Zimmerman R -4 - H/AB-7/28 HR RBI SB -1 -4 -0 - BA 0250 MedlinePlus Hitting on 15 Days: Longoria has spent only 8 / 38-0211 BA and in the last 30 days has passed only 20 / 83-241 BA with 3 HR and only one was a lucky inside - the - Parker. MedlinePlus Be that Longoria has projected much better and had a better 2010 , but this is a long depression that has been in. My main questions are : How do you provide the Nationals with R Zimmerman and RBI opportunities as opposed to how the Rays will do the same for Longoria , and what do you think about Longoria coming out of recession in the next 15 to 45 days ?
Fantasy football trade help.?0dot2012-08-05 10:54:48
I am doing well in my league, but Dallas Clark is my TE. I was thinking of trading for a better TE I just don't know which of my players I should or would need to trade to get a good TE. Options are: Joe Flacco, Jackie Battle, DeMarco Murray, Reggie Wayne, Daniel Thomas, James Starks, Jordy Nelson, and I could always throw Dallas Clark into the trade. I was thinking DeMarco Murray and Dallas Clark for Jason Witten, but I wasn't sure if it was enough What do you think?

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