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Good Financial News Sites to Follow for Trading Stocks?0btd2012-10-25 10:07:22
Hello , I am a software engineer and I am in the initial design phase of an action - bot (ie automated trading system using machine learning of math and a lot of other / science / statistical techniques ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One of the things I'd like to be able to do is gather financial news items related to the market on a daily basis , and process those . I found a few (hopefully ) a good source of financial news such as Yahoo Finance and CNN Money , but I wonder what news sites experienced traders out there would like to get their news from ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In addition , if any of you are familiar with building robots share any useful information would be appreciated. On the other hand , if your response to this message is that it is impossible to build or stupid , please include a justification for such intelligent answer ( just saying it's a bad idea is not useful or informative) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance MedlinePlus Mike MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS . All negative responses (ie , do not try to build a bot answers in shares ) not containing intelligent justification why not ( as previously requested ) is supposed to come from people less intelligent and ignored :)
What are some good penny stocks to invest in and which online trading sites allow penny stocks?1mhhw2012-08-16 12:56:03
What are some good penny stocks to invest and that the online trading sites allow penny stocks ?
What are good books, strategies, sites, or any ways to know the fundamentals of stocks and trading?1nono2012-07-30 02:35:57
as a beginner
CCTV news of alarming financial news! ! ! ! ! !1NEG 2012-05-12 22:45:50
CCTV news of alarming financial news ! ! ! ! ! ! CCTV news of alarming financial news ! ! ! ! ! ! Please click to view : ~ ~ HEAD = NNS details, please click to see:
Is there a way to follow someone else when trading stocks online?0Rox2012-09-20 03:36:03
I know nothing about how to trade online , or the stock market in general ..... but it must be day traders who are doing very well . Is it possible just to follow exactly what you are doing for the second ? Is this possible , as a program that allows you to do this - or an online option ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Example : Joe Schmo is a known "pro " in the trade . He earns his living making Scottrade . Suppose you want to make money as much as it does for reflection of their commercial behavior ?
What are some good sites to invest in stocks?2Celeste2012-09-28 16:18:02
A friend of mine started with Etrade. I signed up but they somehow mixed my information with my fathers and wanted me to fax them all of this information that I don't have the time to do at the moment. He also stated that etrade has a fee per trade which I don't like.. but what are a list of stock trading sites? Good ones.. Else, how else do people invest in stocks other than the internet? Would it just be through the actual stock market?
FOREX: Can somebody give some names of a few good sites that can give me forex-related news releases?...?1Deberal2012-08-19 07:46:02
... Actually, does anybody outthere trade strictly around news releases, and if so, how is it working for you? How many pips do you make/ lose on average, and how long do you usually hold trades for? For people out there who trade with technical indicators, which ones work best for you? do you have any advice for somebody who is still in the learning stages? Personally, I try to trade around whatever trends I can notice ("the trend is your friend" rule), does anyone have any trend-based startergies they'd like to share with me? Good luck traders!
How to keep track of economic news/events when trading stocks?0Keirstan2012-09-21 06:56:02
I stock trading ( swing trading ) . I am using Ameritrade, and am using technical analysis to trade. When pocket money is mostly becuase entire market is down (caused by bad news , etc ) . Now I realize I have to be watching the news more aggressively . I might decide to leave before any major news hit . MedlinePlus How I can get information on major " next " economic news . As govermnet reportings , and the like ( in one place ) . It seems that every day there is some news poping . What is the website is the best , in your opinion , in reporting this kind of thing ? thanks
What is the fastest way to collect useful market news for trading stocks?2Jayde2012-07-31 05:54:03
CNBC, at times, but is there another way ?
What is a good news source for day trading?1Mark J2012-09-13 09:24:02
What is a source of good news for day trading ?
Realize a master of the iron law of stocks, follow suit, wealthy1dove2012-06-19 01:00:36
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In order to trade news in forex which web sites are the best?0jade.2012-10-27 16:29:56
To trade forex news which websites are best?

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