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Would an active futures day trader still use a broker?0MariaSavva2012-10-25 08:33:26
I'm writing a novel in which a character is a full time trader of futures, trading his own speculative account of his house after changing to a mutual fund professional specialty. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I started researching this book years ago , I visited some serious home traders who saw markets in the country with a satellite signal and called their orders to a broker who then executed on the CBOT ... or change. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now the combined CBOT open outcry system with electronic tandem . So my dealer still call an agent to execute orders ? Or would it be more efficient for them to execute such orders through your computer?
Is there any such thing as a Futures "Investor", or is it only Futures "Trader"?1PETA2012-09-30 10:01:02
Do people " invest" in the future , or make future ' commercial '? The nomenclature is a bit confusing .
What online sites can you trade both stocks and commodities cheaply without being an active trader?0Andrew2012-11-04 06:19:20
I am interested in currently investing in the low oil and natural gas prices without an eft but down the road I'll mostly be investing in stocks. I will be starting with around $500 to invest so I need lower commission sites. I am 25 have other investments and this is just my play money and willing to be risky with it.
Forex News Trading - Are you an Active News Trader who Tracks the Fundamental Release?0cassandra2012-07-15 12:37:03
Do you recommend this strategy in the Asia-Pacific forex markets -- Singapore, HK, Japan, Australia & NZ?
Who is the best online broker for a small time trader?4Help Please!-Allie2012-10-09 14:46:02
I am looking for very low commissions and hope to find an online brokerage firm where they can exchange small amounts of shares easily and without losing money for fees . On the other hand, the balance of my departure is small, so I need a low minimum requirement . Finally , I have to really be able to trust the company with my money , so no I have not heard of. Thank you !
Does the SEC pattern day trader rule apply to trading e-mini futures contracts?0Ab2012-07-23 00:41:02
Either index futures or commodities.
Which broker would you recommend for small size stock trader?1Kish2012-09-07 04:15:02
Looking for a broker for individual investment . I thought of Scottrade , Ameritrade , E- trade. Also thought of using only the investment bank america account . I need no negotiating short .
Anyone know a good ECN broker to trade futures with?0Marcye2012-08-09 17:36:51
I am looking for a good broker REC , which is best for futures trading . (Specifically , CME ) For now , I just want a $ 1,000 - $ 5,000. Originally, I was going with operator MB, but I read a few reviews that put me back in the search for a different broker . I was watching TradeStation , or possibly OptionExpress . Useful tips for people with experience with runners I have mentioned, or anyone who has any other in the mind is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Where i can find broker in the futures in Australia?0CRESELLE ROSE2012-08-20 05:46:02
When I was in U.S. i traded on ICE Futures U.S. , but moved to Australia recently. So now I'm looking for an online broker in the futures, options ... Any idea ?
Where i can find reliable broker in the futures in Australia?0shuntea2012-08-26 18:48:17
When I was in U.S. i traded on ICE Futures U.S. , but moved to Australia recently. So now I'm looking for an online broker in the futures, options ... Any idea ?
Website / Broker for students to trade futures?0Shag_Dawg 2012-11-02 11:39:33
Hello, I am currently a student at a university. Many websites that I've looked at will not grant futures trading or even margin to students. I was able to get margin on Scottrade, but they don't have futures trading. TDAmeritrade will not even consider me for margin, although I am not at all a risky trader. Interactive Brokers requires $20,000 in liquid assets to even be able to create an account! I would like to know a good way for someone with about $5,000-$6,000 in cash to be able to trade futures. I would also prefer as low a commission as possible. Any advice / comments are appreciated.
A good broker for emini s&p500 futures?0EddieJo2012-09-11 01:33:02
Hello , I'm looking at trade and future P500 emini s . From my current agent does not provide futures trading , I wondered how people like TDAmeritrade futures . Also, any idea of ​​the existence of cash / margin requirements for a contract ? thank you!

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