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Bid and ask section on the stock streamer quotes?0devendri2012-11-04 08:17:02
I wonder about the serpentine say by Scottrade , supply section is what people are bidding for and the sale section is what the company is calling ? if so why is that during the pre - time or after -hours trading auction notice section is usually a bit away from the section asking bidders do think they can get money?
Why are stock quotes delayed?0john brown2012-09-22 15:17:02
I like to dabble in day trading , but all the websites that do delay . Why is delayed and there are free sites that are not delayed.
Which of the following can you NOT find on paper stock quotes?0Nakiya2012-11-02 17:31:53
1: the lowest price for the last 52 weeks 2: the highest price for the previous day 3: the close price of the previous day 4: the number of shares of stock traded that previous day 5: the net change of stock price from the previous day which one is it
Which of the following can you not always find in the paper stock quotes?0Sharon Williams2012-10-11 01:34:01
a) the highest price of the day before MedlinePlus b ) the net change in share price the day before MedlinePlus c ) the number of shares traded yesterday MedlinePlus d ) the lowest price of the past 52 weeks MedlinePlus e) the closing price of the previous day
Where can i find daily stock quotes?0Kayden2012-07-27 08:56:02
I need some help getting daily stock quotes for day trade where u get stocks that are gonna go up on that certain day so I can make that mad money.
Where on the web is a complete list of stock options currently traded, with quotes?0Melly2012-09-17 10:05:04
The Wall Street Journal used to offer this, but I see you do not.
What is the difference between "last trade" and "real time" stock quotes?1Zann2012-10-19 13:52:03
Looking at stock prices on Yahoo Finance, each stock shows two different prices: Last Trade and Real-Time. Both numbers are updating constantly, but they're always a little different. Which is the actual price? And why bother listing anything other than the actual price?
Historical stock quotes for symbols that do not trade anymore. Say EXDS.?0ABCD2012-09-21 10:06:02
Is there a place on the web that offers historical quotes teletype that trade more ? For example , what ExDS trade for 1/10/99 ?
The singles and dating section Yahoo! answers is like the trading floor of NY stock exchange?3Joan2012-11-05 15:51:01
It moves too freaking fast. Before you can get a word out your question gets knocked back to the third page. Everyone's shouting all at once. Makes you demophobic, claustrophobic and whole bunch of other phobic. Can I get some cold water please?
What do you think about these quotes?2nycholas2012-10-09 21:57:02
"The interests of the people of Australia , and the future of our country should be determined by the Australians themselves, not by the governments of other countries , not the United Nations , not by trade agreements that benefit all world except us . " MedlinePlus "We must recognize the truth , and let us no longer threatened by governments whose only goal is re-election , at any price , to stay in power at any cost , not for our benefit , but for themselves . " < Br > MedlinePlus " Want to race riots , religious fanaticism , gang wars and drugs ? MedlinePlus Want civil war ? " MedlinePlus All of Pauline Hanson . 1997
Whose quotes are these?2indiya2012-10-27 05:12:02
1. " This year will go down in history. For the first time , a civilized [ sic ] nation has full gun registration ! Our streets will be safer , our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future ! " 2. " Society needs to come before the needs of the individual. " MedlinePlus 3. " What luck for rulers that men do not think . " 4. " Gold is not necessary . I have no interest in gold . 're Going to build a solid state , without an ounce of gold behind it . " 5. " The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was Christianity. " 6. " The Ten Commandments have lost their validity . " 7. " It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge " MedlinePlus 8. " As things stand today, the trade unions , in my opinion , can not be ignored . Instead , they are among the most important institutions in the economic life of the nation ... " MedlinePlus 9. " There is more that unites us than divides us Bolsheviks it. There , above all, genuine , revolutionary feeling .. " 10. " [ S ] ur socialism is much deeper . Establishes a relationship between the individual and the State , the national community . Why we need , problems to socialize banks and factories Forum socialize human beings ."
Please help me with these quotes!!!!!?2anda2012-10-21 10:30:02
These quotes are said by William Stanley Jevons , a famous economist . " What is certain of one thing is certain of their taste, " "so far as is consistent with the inequality of wealth in each community , all products are distributed by the exchange in order to produce the maximum social benefit. " " The slightest relapse in trade throws whole villages and the kind of people in a state of indigence little less than famine. "

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