Urgent! ! My friends tell me how to FLASH format into a format that can play mobile phone related questions

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Urgent! ! My friends tell me how to FLASH format into a format that can play mobile phone0natori2012-10-24 16:21:17
My mobile is 6670
What: AVI video why my phone displays "illegal movie box"? My cell phone is to adapt to AVI format, but can not play 3GP format.2Polly2016-09-18 22:08:08
What: AVI video why my phone displays " illegal movie box "? My cell phone is to adapt to AVI format , but can not play the 3GP format.
General Auto playing the songs in the CD, what format the format is, ah? Is the MP3 format or CD format?1Tabitha2012-05-04 18:00:26
General Auto play songs on the CD , the format is the format , eh ? Is MP3 or CD ?
What format is the little short film that can be you put into the mobile phone? How should be if be other and various,the word changed?1Meeha2012-09-13 12:44:02
Help Me~~``
Why be the JPG picture document that is put in the mobile phone likewise, next some is OK showing come does ` some say the format is incorrect however?1Claud2011-12-30 18:40:53
Why JPG image document that is placed on the mobile phone the same way , next to some is okay to show some come ' says the format is not correct however, and is the same from time to time a file PS I 'm with you down , put in euqally JPG file , you can still show their origin , then failed to do instead? `` ` The 828 that I use is CECT should not be the dimension or file size above must file size and dimension can show a lot , some smaller but can not , how can you tell me to return a responsibility? It should be the file size exceeds due to a few hundred K can be normal, a few K which is not good in its place , the size of the image is also the same
512BM the mp3 do not know why keep a hundred songs (MP3 format) can only play after the ninth nineteen can not play the???1Melissa2012-03-04 19:31:45
The problem is not the machine? Or for other reasons?
! ! Things to CAD format by printing into PHOTO. EPS format, and why it is blank conversion? ? ?1memFISTO 2012-03-23 17:33:06
Other graphics can be, not a set of plans , the teacher teach me ah Come ! ! Urgent! !
The format of memory clip file of my mobile phone is changed into NTFS by me make computer cannot identify do not have dish of accord with to appear cannot change, how to consult prawn to do?1Charles2011-12-28 01:23:57
The file format of the memory of my mobile phone clip becomes NTFS computer can not identify myself with no dish seems to agree that you can not change , how to see prawns to do?
What better format in a pure DOS, or in the good XP interface format1Dennie2012-02-07 19:20:30
What better format in a pure DOS or in the good interface format is NTFS XP , I have not formatted XP interface , why say that each dish with a 65M , before tens of K? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Which plant file kind excuse me is the format the smallest? Urgent1-WinteR2012-03-09 04:48:54
My analysis is only on the machine BMP , PCX , TIF , JPG , PCT , PDF ! What kind of format is the smallest excuse me? Can you fire an order? Thank you !
What does MOTO L6 can play the video file format, where they can download1 등과 같은 대화에서2012-04-03 05:36:33
I can not play the WMA format,
Why is my windows media player9.0 ASF format to play, only sound no picture?1grass_snake2012-07-05 21:12:22
How can make Windows Media Player9.0 normal play ASF file formats ah!!

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