First Iran and now China, how many more countries are going to be angry with the USA today? related questions

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First Iran and now China, how many more countries are going to be angry with the USA today?0Lynnora2012-10-24 16:14:00
Currently , China has criticized the U.S. in his critical view of the same coin and said it was going to start a trade war with the United States, Iran is also trying to kill the diplomats in the U.S. . The U.S. not planning on making any new allies
Bombing Iran or placing sanctions on Iran will harm China -- Is that a worthwhile risk?1toshondra2012-08-21 23:05:02
China imports oil from Iran --- and then sells the refined gas to Iran back to them China pays in yuan , not dollars - China needs oil for its growing economy that refined gasoline Iran needs ------------- The illegal trade sanctions - or strangle it just a little more than yesterday, the toughest of the toughest penalties will be for China If Israel or anyone else bombs Iran - oil exports will be reduced - China will be hurt If someone bombed the U.S. supplies of oil and the economy stops, even for a couple of weeks as a result - What would the U.S. response be? Russian and Chinese nuclear scientists are everywhere want the Israelis have bombed --- these scientists are building plants - power plants for energy use civillian The bombing of these sites will kill Russian and Chinese scientists , unless you remove them before --- If you eliminate will be taken as a green light to attack at will - keep them there and you can kill what could very easily be seen as a act of war against China and Russia (which might ignore what may not) As the U.S. debt China is huge - and China is already looking to the U.S. as the debtor nation of bums who can not afford --- is this a risk worth it?
China is selling US technology to Iran: sooooooooo y did the Clinton Jews push the US to trade with China?2Jerr2012-09-01 19:10:02
If China gets angry, what could be the complications?2Angelina (Please help!)2012-10-04 20:07:04
Concerning trade between China and the USA, if relations worsen over America selling Arms to Taiwan and the Dali Lama visiting America very soon. MAIN QUESTION What Products, Commodities are we ( the west) likely to suffer shortages on? Eg, if Russia cut its oil supply in anger the West would suffer gas shortages. Essay, help, anything will do.
The trade policy preferred by more countries today:?0de2012-07-31 07:11:55
import substitution or export promotion?
How do I find China and Iran chamber of commerce?2North Korea2012-02-26 23:46:54
Where I can get help when the provider has delaied delivey for the month of trailer after receiving full payment ?
What is the safest payment method for an importer in Iran who wants to import from China?1Peyton2012-09-16 04:42:05
as you probably know because of the imposed sanctions on Iran most companies prefer to use T/T rather than L/C when dealing with Iranian customers.however, from the buyer's point of view it's not safe at all. what could be done when the supplier ask for advanced T/T payment? I want to buy a large quantity of chemical materials from China and the supplier has asked to pay 30% in advance and the rest after B/L. What is the safest method to do business with chines companies? is there any bank in China that still accept L/Cs issued by Iranian banks?
Baby last name, and very angry gf.....very angry?2Mel <32012-10-09 07:33:01
I recently became a father last November , and I would change it for anything . well , about 6 months of my pregnancy girlfriend , she told me that was not mine . he had cheated / raped I have . it does not give me a true story . Well , I just told you sho sho and contact the guy who did it all and threatened to beat me and my father and take the baby away from my girlfriend . so she promised to stay away and that'd we'd be a happy family . months later, she contacted him and lets him know that our son is getting older . McGee says dumbass rapist dying of cancer and wants me to sign over my rights so you can share your surname . of course im satisfied . this man has no parental rights , human right , perhaps, but boy I raised this with my girlfriend . com ' on , the guy honestly has 11 children . my son is 10 . Well, my girlfriend and douching were friends before on the network prior to my understanding. and is giving all guilt . she still wants to go 30 miles away, where he lives to see his other children while he works . so you have some pancreatic caner and fights in the UFC ... I pulled out .... maybe not, maybe I will , idk . anywho , my girlfriend is beyond pissed . she can not control her emotions . argued constantly , she wants me to go because I refuse to sign my rights away . and it is clear that they mean. and tell your parents to **** off . Now the rest of the world thinks my son is my son already knows . so my question is , what I can do to help if I can , and is there any way to challenge the kind of rights or make it disappear ? Indeed , the laws here in Texas are a little wack . so any advice people ?
Into China, most countries rely on?1jacob thorn2012-09-14 00:26:03
In China, most countries rely on ?
There is a website for trading,mostly for businesses from China and other countries?0Theo2012-07-25 10:15:02
The website is doing something like but the site i'm looking for is somthing any body can help,plz
When did China begin trading with foreign countries?2holly mahood2015-02-03 23:22:02
I'm currently watching a documentary on the history of China, and said " but now , contacts with Central Asia , Persia, and even Rome. " I think it refers to the Silk Roads . Anyone have any idea when this was? When will China's trading and interaction with other countries?
Why do people see China as a villian and other countries that don't benefit the US as allies?0ezabai2012-10-10 15:36:47
U.S. benefits from its relations of China and Japan on trade . Countries that do not have a strong relationship with the U.S. due to suspicions that Americans harbor about their intentions to use the American govt . China , while providing all the necessary labor to produce products that are sold back to the United States. Our products are priced export at a higher rate than their being dumped on the Chinese market . In China , at least , General Motors cars are doing surprisingly well , in part because of a growing interest of the middle class to own cars ' quality ' . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Israel , for its part , has historically done absolutely nothing for the U.S. . They got no bailout money to continue funding our Govt . They do not share a close economic relationship with our country are still seen as the number of U.S. strategic ally . That to me is incredibly absurd . No pressure groups that influence Chinese foreign policy in Washington , but there are a growing number of Zionist groups asking U.S. money and weapons to support Israel . What does America get something to Israel ? If there was a reason why the maintenance of supporting Israel , then we should continue this relationship , but I see no reason

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