Why can't we trade our old, "bad for the environment" things, for new, "better for the environment" things? related questions

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Why can't we trade our old, "bad for the environment" things, for new, "better for the environment" things?2Zindege2012-11-05 03:55:02
For example , my car burns a crap load of fossil fuels pollutes the air and can be changed by a vehicle more environmentally friendly ( as the crow flies ) . O my refrigerator that uses electricity to light Las Vegas for a night , could be changed into one that is more efficient . MedlinePlus My point is that there must be a hell of a lot cheaper and easier for everyone to ensure a better future for us . The things that are better for the environment should not cost anything and the things that are bad should be dismantled completely. This is not a difficult concept . Some people can not afford to buy all new " more efficient " things. So I will continue to use the big polluters , due to lack of better resources. Saving the environment should be free! Why not ?
Discuss the detail the cultural environment relation to international trade environment.?0Mattea2012-09-27 11:09:03
I need answers .
Will cap and trade help the environment?4~*LiL DeVeL*~ 2012-10-16 22:57:02
Personally I think it is political nonsense and the've actually created a product for the merchant to make a fortune without doing anything to help the environment . What do you think ?
What are the role of environment in international trade bussiness?0Iesha2012-08-08 06:05:02
What is the role of environment in international trade bussiness ?
Zhejiang Industry & Trade Polytechnic's bedroom environment how to0cormorant2012-07-12 15:39:03
How do free trade debates relate to concerns about global environment issues and human rights?0hanna!2012-11-05 01:08:11
Courage to change things can change, there can not be changed mind to accept things, the wisdom to differentiate between the different, how to understand these three words?0rfvv2012-07-18 02:45:02
Courage to change things can change , you can not change the mind to accept things, the wisdom to distinguish between the different , the meaning of these words ?
Have you ever traded the things you want now for the things you need in the future?0Rain Misoa2012-10-19 18:30:47
if you do not like my questions , please help . thanks
How to protect the environment1Paul2012-04-18 22:09:43
Protecting the environment
What was the Wall Street environment like in the 80's?0Jorden2012-08-24 06:38:21
With all the super active , high frequency trading / day trading that
What is an adverse trading environment?0sissi2012-07-31 22:45:54
i am currently doing a SWOT analysis for Britvic plc in my Business Coursework. However i have found that Britvic has an "adverse trading environment in Ireland". I know this is a threat but i do not know why.
Capitalist market needs to safety environment or not ?0A.W.2012-09-14 19:14:02
live global economic crises and the capitalist market needs more trade in the security environment . so, in the Caucasus , the Middle East, in Asia , in Iraq -Turkey border , all conflicts to be resolved is the reason that the U.S. diplomacy has there

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