Is 3% in three weeks good for my first 3 weeks on the stock market? related questions

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Is 3% in three weeks good for my first 3 weeks on the stock market?1swan2012-10-25 10:48:49
I've been learning the stock market and how to trade and buy and sell signals for rent and also ensure simulation shares.I has leverage.I 100,000 $ 100,000 3% have done so far and I've only been doing this good 3 weeks.Is ?
I will be gone for a few weeks. Do you think anyone will miss me?1I need some explaining2012-10-02 12:38:02
I have met and had the honor of exchanging comments with all the good people here at the S / A. I send my thanks and hope we have kept in touch in the future. I learned a lot of smart people who responded at once and made some very interesting questions . I hope to be back as soon as possible . But until then , thank you all so much ! ! !
Which stocks will do best in the next 12 weeks?0Garz2012-08-06 08:49:02
I'm playing a stock market simulation in my economics class . I have to make maximum profit in the shortest time possible. We are only allowed to trade stocks , no funds , etc. What are my best options ?
MEL.TO is being taken over in 2 weeks for $4.85. Why is it trading at $4.20?0sweetie2012-10-04 00:18:35
I realize the acquisition has not been 100 % completed . But according to the press release , will certainly happen . Just wondering why it trades at a discount to the purchase price . Do not be a quick and easy profit of $ 600, assuming an investment of $ 4200 or 1000 shares ?
My puppy that's 8 weeks she cry and wakes up every day at 4am?2shaquita2012-10-09 06:30:02
my puppy wakes up at 4 am and began to mourn and she never shut ups took place and do all those things she begins to mourn and I can not take the stairs because she can get used to her and she wakes up and you do not like staying in bed Alon who wants to go to bed for sleeping are with us and it appears that a small business and the beginning of the school and I have to sleep as next week so I have the ISAT I have to sleep early and wake up good so please help me how to stop my dog ​​and make your dream alon
Which WR is the best option for the remaining weeks?0amburrr2012-09-19 05:29:02
Dwayne Bowe with gone. I need a second receiver trades I have yet to get any of these receptors . LEE EVANS HOUSCHMANZADEH Devery Henderson and Steve Smith . ( Carolina ) in order of value list PLEASE !
DIRK NOWITZKI OUT TWO WEEKS...per ESPN?1Luci2012-09-27 13:48:03
What do you think ? Mavs playoff chances shattered ? Your window of opportunity to win a title slammed ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Kidd trade was getting bad, since resigned his future , young players , some defensive players and some financial flexibility for the foreseeable future .... they could not win anything with Kidd ... What the Mavs can do without their franchise player , Dirk ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Season again ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
34 weeks pregnant, feeling alone, no affection ?2clint2012-09-09 18:18:02
I have 24 years of age, and before I got pregnant I loved and was always fun at the bar with my friends ... My boyfriend and I have been together since last August. I've known him for almost 2 years. I found out I was pregnant in October and we decided to keep the baby. We have been living together for almost 2 months .... He is always working. 08 am until usually 10 pm. (He has his own construction company and is also a seller of hail and wind damage). So I'm always on my own (I'm not working). 11 weeks in this pregnancy, I realized that everything was changing. He does not get jealous or angry and as he often did when I came to party (drink), it does not show any affection, and when we discuss or know I'm crazy just gives shakes like that. he likes to joke a lot and make fun of me ... but it is fun. He does not like me with my shirt, because my breasts have grown massively, look at my body with disgust (do not forget that I am 5'4, about 149 pounds - which won 17 so far with the pregnancy, and I'm not ugly, by any means) I am weak all over the world, besides my stomach. Everyone thinks and calls me beautiful, but never does. I've never been one to take comments from people at heart, but it makes me feel very insecure and ugly. he likes to irritate me ... I've noticed more and more crazy and weird as my pregnancy was ... Like as if he can act and treat me anyway he wants now because I'm pregnant and my life party is over (not that I would change my child at all) He sings and raps while he is in the shower, says he won "t need me anymore once the babies here, talks about the private parts of other girls (all while he's singing - weird I know ...) he's just disrespectful. I always thought and feel so lonely and grumpy because of him ... And he always says I'm so bad and ***** him ... Well, that, because he treats me like ****. never did before I was pregnant, why has not anyone help
What the hell is going on with steve smith? he's gotten 2 points in the last 2 weeks! what do i do with him?1ashley budram2012-10-06 15:37:03
here is my team : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SBC : Tony Romo , Ben Roethlisberger , Matt Hasselbeck MedlinePlus RBS : LT , Brandon Jacobs , Kenny Watson , Ryan Grant MedlinePlus WRs : Steve Smith , Brandon Marshall , Brandon Stokley , Roddy White , Deion Branch MedlinePlus TE : Tony Gonzalez D / ST : Giants , Packers ( only reason I have two defenses is that this week the Giants had a bye week , so I'll leave tomorrow packers defense when finished week 9 ) MedlinePlus K : stephen gostowski MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need help and have no QB WR depth . I want to change one or even two of my QBs to WRs. this is not a very active league , so I do not have many options . but some wide receivers are active equipment Donte ' Stallworth , Hines Ward , Greg Jennings , Marques Colston , ect . and I think those guys can help my team . so my first question is should I try to trade for ? I should get on waivers ? here is the link to my league free agents : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Still I can trust steve smith as starting WR for fantasy football ? I have no other good options
My employer has not paid me my wages for the last 5 weeks of my employment. What can I do?2Geraline2012-10-01 10:08:02
I worked for this company for 3 months as store manager . I paid a monthly payment system with my first week's pay out instead . We had a week's notice that the store would be closed . Then we lost the final payment date would be the last day of January . Since then , we have said they are waiting on checks to pay , we were told that the controls are in office and when there have been no tell us that they have not been sent ... Every time I call they tell us another story . We asked to speak with the owner , but we will not give your data . Two employees have received checks . Importantly, the company was very successful in business and administration will not ... MedlinePlus What are my options ? What I can do for my payment ? I can ask ? Covering bank charges later ? MedlinePlus I'm in the process of contacting Citizen . MedlinePlus p.s This is a UK company .
Greece two weeks twice a strike paralyzed the country1W A I t、2012-01-10 01:58:08
Street 11, Athens, riot police clashed with demonstrators Beijing News reported on 12 March in deep debt crisis of the Greek government has recently proposed tightening of fiscal policy lead to public discontent. 11, the two main Greek trade unions organized a strike only 24 hours, stagnant traffic, utility offices are closed and more than 3 million people took to the streets to protest, the whole country to a standstill. Name of the Greek public sector and private sector 2.5 million members of the two unions on strike. Day, Greek airports, train stations, ports, banks, schools and other services to nearly stop all operations, the capital of Athens is just a subway line running. The Greek news agency also joined the strike, to stop the transmission of news, the official website stopped updating the main daily newspaper in Greece 11 also ceased publication. This is the second part of Greece to hit the strike. In Athens, the streets, angry protesters carried slogans: "our money where to go?" He was playing the drum, with the speaker cries. "Not for the rich to make sacrifices" Demonstrators, some 100 young people dressed in black uniform with a helmet or a mask covering the face, some of which broke the windows of banks and shops, there are some people riot police poured ink. To prevent the demonstrations turned violent conflict, the government deployed thousands of riot police in Athens and other cities to maintain order. Emerging from the crisis of the euro, the Greek Government in the third proposal for a fiscal austerity program, plans to cut civil service pay raise various taxes, lower pensions and higher retirement age is expected increased revenues for the government of € 4.8 billion. Most of the Greek people need to identify fiscal austerity, but the program is not fair. In the medical department of the cap of Austria, said: "This is not fair. We have to have enough money to support themselves, dependent children, allow the bankers and the rich to make sacrifices to solve the crisis "The issue of 2010-3 -. System Highlight lifting limit of 14 5:00
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