Does not support Alipay TrustPass members credible? related questions

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Does not support Alipay TrustPass members credible?0Shannon2012-10-23 22:38:38
The other is a TRUSTPASS members , but does not support Paypal , goods are very cheap . This business credible ?
TrustPass members do not support the use of support and his treasure still trading?1fox2012-04-29 05:39:04
Recently, to increase the number of products, but to find a provider does not support the use of PayPal , so I do not understand , Ali Alipay online orders can, and are not compatible with the fear of being deceived is to lie or do, do business honestly support , please type predecessors!
TrustPass members have a dealer price is very low in the online sales of products, do not support the payment of PayPal payment, to believe him?1Cracker Chick 2012-05-14 21:15:53
TrustPass members have a wholesale price is very low in online sales of products are not compatible with the payment of PayPal payment, to believe in him?
NA Alipay not immediately arrive credible?1ox2012-04-24 00:04:37
Companies are not compatible with Paypal, only the first payment , credible ? If I am satisfied with the first payment is not received the goods, with the talk can get a refund ?
TrustPass members do as a fake1-][email protected][- 2012-05-07 23:08:14
This is to write articles from home, but support Alipay has to pay all kinds of reasons not to treasure what I suspect your identity
Ali's TrustPass members to buy goods cheated how to do?1cow2012-01-11 05:08:05
I plant in Nanjing, a man named Shun Hing forging punch to buy accessories and ceramics ** December 16, 2009 the payment of 1,200 yuan, up until now have not received the goods, play the other phone has not received a pick to me the reason is logistics. I asked him to give me the phone 13 logistics company ****** 2 (also has one) and give me a tracking number roadmap to me that there are a number of shipping bill of lading , number of guide is not mailed to me how. Now he has not taken my calls , how I can do
Experience how to do TrustPass members fraud0Arati2012-07-25 06:48:02
If the person is TrustPass members, I called him the money he did not how to do delivery? Prior to the goods or not how to do? Where a complaint? Alibaba can control it?
Internet banking transactions and not be cheated you TrustPass members1 '- [You are willing, Ni, old love -2012-03-17 06:52:31
Want to buy Ousha down, and the price is right most of the newly registered companies , not Paypal , use the online banking transaction , I was the first time to find deals for Ali, but also the fear of being deceived , who lost by a proper orientation in the East thanks !
Marked on site support Alipay secured transactions, ask them, they said do not support, how do?1 ﹏ 1s. Black Tang herbicides? 2012-01-10 01:32:20
My Alibaba in recent days, some unusual models such as cotton wholesale suitable'd find several of their sites have shown that support transactions Alipay sure, but ask them, are not always supportive . There is also a state department Houjie business attire should be a better smile, said that is not compatible with the Miscellaneous section of the help of the entire section, I said I 'm going to the entire paragraph , he said, the whole paragraph was stock , there are goods that are not compatible with the actions of support, he had only said that they are not compatible. I wonder why they are on-site support Alipay security interests do not really support it, then companies are so confident that I have found things in Alibaba , and rates for a long time to find new appropriate and no way of trade. Depression to death! Alibaba fraud is also not so much now
Why do so many sellers do not support Alipay transactions?1Debashish Banchhor2012-07-23 10:50:03
Why so many vendors do not support transactions Alipay ?
Why do so many sellers do not support Alipay? Who would buy such a thing?1Barre2012-04-30 21:27:00
Why so many vendors are not compatible with Alipay ? Who would buy such a thing? No security interests ?
I do not support each other Alipay buyers can trade?0Yadira2012-07-26 08:34:02
Such as the title, the price below the market price

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