Jail-breaking Ipod. How do i downgrade? How do i jail break?

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What is the best place to jailbreak ? MedlinePlus What is the best program / ​​software / firmware ? MedlinePlus jailbreakme.com is better or jailbreakipod.com ? MedlinePlus Redsnow is better or Blackra1n ? MedlinePlus what cydia , rock and ice cream? MedlinePlus what is winterboard ? I just want the firmware or the best jailbreak software . MedlinePlus are soo many ! After breaking jail break an ipod can unjail ? if so , how? MedlinePlus And if you break your ipod unjail and breaks may have to return to get a new one in a store of apples ? or know that jail broke ipod ? MedlinePlus my ipod is updated to 4.1.0 , I think. which is bad right? PPL say. How I can do downgrade to 4.0.1 ? MedlinePlus my ipod is also a 3G ( I have it on Christmas . so havent even had a year yet. ) , if that helps in anyway.as you can see , I need a good descriptive instructions on how to downgrade ipod and ipod jail break . and if I can negotiate if broken then and if I want to unjailbreak . someone please help . every time I ask someone to explain it to me . say it is too complicated or say download this and that and this this and that. I need a good detail ( basically ) map of how to do this . please. TT ~ TT

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