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Hi, I have not played 2accounts . one is a lvl 107 and a friend also gave me a year ago , but I had forgotten all about it. I went in yesterday , no bank pin , no recovs , etc other account is my old main .. I had it since 2006 and I stopped playing with him in 2009 . is a lvl 117 with around 4mill cash . i recovered four days ago , has 97HP and 99str . Also the level 107 has yet a member , I guess my friend forgot to also quit but I left yesterday and has 26 days membership left . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway I took a break from the RS in 2009 , then in 2010 I entered and I forgot one of my accounts , password 117s . anyway I created a new ACC has 99fletching and 99FM . but I am willing to change these accounts to some elements in the game maybe? or something. If you Armadyl robes , no joke I will give the 117 level . I wont ******* scam if not belive me then gtfo . anyway no recovs acc , bank pins , and for the level of 117 I have the old password and the date of creation , all that stuff.

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