Will bears trade first round pick for more second round options? related questions

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Will bears trade first round pick for more second round options?0kesiha2012-10-23 02:38:31
It bears trade first-round pick for more options second round ?
Would you trade Drew Brees for Matt Flynn, 1st Round Pick and a 4th Round Pick?0aqdas2012-07-09 21:33:16
The first is seventh overall
I just saw Jason Smith from NFL.com say that...
Mavs fans: Would you trade your first round (17th) pick in this years draft?0keyona2012-07-26 15:27:01
Rumor is floating around that the Mavs want out of the first round since they want to pursue D-Will and other class free agents this summer so would you be willing to deal the 17th pick??? How bout trade it to the Jazz :) Jazz would love to move up in the first round of the draft to pick up another young player. So would Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap plus a trade exception and maybe throw in a future first rounder for the 17th pick? Just a suggestion cause there's a specific player that KOC keeps hinting about as specific player in the first round and I hope by that he means Kendall Marshall. Man he would help the Jazz's PG position so much So what do ya think?
Trading my number round 1 pick for next year for kevin durant is this a good trade?0Andrew-please help!!!!!very important2012-09-18 18:30:02
I quit my frist round pick ....... we do not have even known the order MedlinePlus MedlinePlus but there are only 2 days left and today fantasy tommrow MedlinePlus Durant played today , but this is not good Tomma trade ?
NBA 2k11: Should I trade Artest, Odom, & a future 1st round pick for Rudy Gay & Dejuan Blair?1Aleis2012-10-04 05:38:02
I am of the Lakers and was wondering if I should do this . Rudy Gay is a global player and he and Blair are very young
Atlanta Hawks trade Josh Smith to the Lakers for Vujacic, Powell, & Future a 1st Round Pick - thoughts?0chenille2012-09-09 12:55:03
Atlanta Hawks Josh Smith trade to the Lakers Vujacic , Powell , & Future a first round pick - thoughts ?
Which late 1st round ,2nd round , undrafted player will be the next superstar in the future?2tareena2012-10-09 16:58:01
i do not usually focus on the second round until players maybe two years ago .. there have been a number of second-round players who did better than the players in the first round ... areans gilbert, Carlos Boozer, Ben Wallace, Michael Redd and David West ... Who will be the next to carry out a great career in basketball though are drafted late or not even in the top ten? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Mario Chalmers - (2nd round pick 34th 2008) this type for me is not really a point guard .. but has plenty of time to grow .. the average of 10 points and 2 steals 4assist his rookie season MedlinePlus Nate Robinson (1st round pick 21 of 2005) which has already been dubbed the Green Lantern ... has more popularity among NBA fans then the players who have been All Star ... I think we made great progress this year with their offense and defense ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus David Lee (1st round pick 30th 2005) is a large double double machine .. I think if you went to a different computer that would make the impact as Carlos Boozer did when he went to Utah ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Luis Scola (2nd round pick 55th 2002) has much improved his game every year ... Can be another Aliens on what makes a great impact as Gasol is the Lakers or ginnobli does the spurs MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Aaron Brooks (26th 1st round pick 2007), the reason I traded Rafer Alston to the Magic ... this guy was giving the starting job ... Now with all the time you have now .. Can be a guard in the league Ellite? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Marc Gasol (2nd round 2007 pick 46) nba anaylist some say it's better than his brother ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Glen Davis (2007 2nd round selection 35th) Sometimes I wonder how good it will be if he was not on a team with so many superstars MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Paul Millsap (2006 2nd round 47th) great rebounder and defender ... need not have this beast boozer if the computer
Rodgers for AP and third round draft pick?0nur2012-09-10 15:18:02
Hey , so I'm in a standard ESPN Fantasy Football League only every touchdown is six points , regardless of whether you pass or land. It is a two player keeper league and I 'm not even sure I'll still keep. My players are Aaron Rodgers , Darren McFadden , AJ Green , and Hakeem Nicks . That probably would keep AR and Run DMC , but not much depth at quarterback I'm thinking I could get rid of Rodgers and AP and a third round draft choice ( fifth round value b / c of caregivers ) and then draft someone like Matt Ryan , who obv not as good as good as Rodgers but will suffice. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do you think ? I try a better selection ? If you say you do not trade with that I must help . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
NBA: Do you think the Knicks should make any moves to get at least one 1st round draft pick?2kaila2012-09-26 05:31:02
It seems that most of their concerns are FA / Trade. I do not think it necessary for them to go in the project. THIS IS MY REAL QUESTION OF THE DAY ONE BASKET , enjoy it .
How stupid are the BobCats for trading their 2013 1st round pick?6oath2012-10-24 20:34:01
They continue to be a lottery team next year and I would not be surprised if they have the worst record again. That's why it will never be good
Who should the Chicago Bulls draft? It looks like their not trading for next years 1st round pick?1Chantae2012-07-26 21:09:01
I prefer to trade in their 1st round picks for next years first round draft pick by the number of the great men of the lottery! I think they should draft James Johnson , Earl Clark and Blair

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