What games should i trade to get fallout 3? related questions

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What games should i trade to get fallout 3?0alexs2012-10-22 17:06:25
my options are MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fight Night Round 3 MedlinePlus turok MedlinePlus fog street fighter MedlinePlus f.e.a.r. MedlinePlus any 3
My friend told me if I go to Play N Trade I can trade games and get games back for the same quality ?1Serena Fan2012-07-23 15:30:02
Is that true
Ps3 psn game sharing, trade/share psn games!!!! any1 with psn games, please read!!!!!?0Priss2012-09-13 23:02:02
I have only kung fu ragdoll plastic fist as a PSN game . I really want the best Super Stardust HD , Fat Princess , Burn Zombie Burn , junkm pixel , and perhaps other games , u may have. if any1 wants to share their games with me, please feel free . I just additional email . psn please share with me if you have any good games on PSN , and I could give u ragdoll kung fu if you want! thanxs , and lets you share !
Does EB Games Trade in Video Games inexchange for money?1David2012-09-11 20:23:05
Does EB Games Trade in Video Games inexchange price ?
Can u trade other games for xbox games at game stop?1Layler2012-09-17 08:17:05
I just got an Xbox 360 and I don't have a game for myself. Can I trade PlayStation 2 games in for Xbox 360 games at game stop
Does EB Games or Gamestop allow you to trade in a lot of games at once? -- HELP!?1oretha2012-09-23 06:11:03
I want to change in 6 games , I can do that ? Another question is , do you need any EB Games credit account to receive the money in trading ? Finally , make it unique , except for certain games , or accept any (mine are trade PS2 and DS and Wii ) games that are in excellent condition ? I hope , because I want to buy a new PS2 ! Please answer all I know ! Thank you ! :)
Question about fallout new vegas?0Hailey2012-09-02 15:03:02
I have Boone as a follower and not realize it , put in Rex lupus brain . Boone has all mad at me so I told Rex to separate and return to the lucky 38, so Boone would follow me again, but each time he approaches me or I see the dialog that opens . He says that " what is" and all options are things to talk to him as usual , let's talk about tactics or, let the sales team. Is this a glitch ?
Free Repairs in fallout 3?0chabelo2012-10-01 03:43:03
I've been playing , and I'm nowhere . I maxxed my energy weapons , so I really have no other options , I broke my plasma rifle that I got from the android , so trade fails not work because its unique. problem is that the repair is 2000 and I have neough caps for sale ,
Fallout New Vegas question? Please help!?0another sig figs ques Please answer2012-07-24 22:33:06
I am playing Fallout NV, and i am walking around Primm (the NCR Camp area) and i have managed to loot everything from the tents and boxes and everything. I am overencumbered, and it wont allow me to fast travel back to Goodsprings unless i drop some stuff. I dont want to leave it in an owned container, so can i either 1. Trade a with a member of the NCR squad or 2. Leave the items in a public mail box and return for them later? if #1, please say who and where they are!
Fallout 3 mods: a good companion mod?0Owe2012-08-18 02:37:02
I heard there was a mod for Fallout 3 companion that adds a lot of new NPCs to the bars and all the comrades there that can add to your group. I have also heard that you can add as many of them as possible to their group. please let me know if this mod exists and what is the name and where I can get ... I have the " sharing and caring " mod for Fallout 3 mate a mod that lets you make your best mates and make them editable and can make anyone your partner ... and my only problem with this mod is that when ever you tried to negotiate the team fails to play out . Does anyone know how to fix this problem? any help is appreciated . Thank you.
Fallout New Vegas Return to Wal-Mart?0Lauren<332012-10-09 19:44:08
Lack of terrible game impacts and other glitches in New Vegas for consoles took a copy for the PS3 at Wal - Mart . Now I'm getting pretty sick of it and I heard that the PC version is patched and works well . I have three questions . The Wal - Mart accept a return or maybe a trade ? Still I have my receipt and if you want to get technical product breaks. The other two questions are related to the game itself . It's what I've read about the PC version right? Is actually fixed ( no crash , delays , etc. ) And finally , does anyone know when Bethesda / Obsidian plans to fix the console versions . NV prefer playing on my PS3 , so I'm looking for any kind of hope that they can play in the near future . Thanks for any help .
Fallout 3 mods: a good companion mod?0Therisa2012-08-16 13:53:04
I have the mod mate carring and sharing. but its not working well. well the only thing not working is being able to negotiate with colleagues, the game freezes and I have to "alt " F4 to exit the game . Does anyone know of a good companion mod that I reaquire creat my own NPCs in a separate program ? I'm looking for something that is idiot proof to put it simply . or ... if anyone knows how to fix the problem with running my mod to solve the technical problem to trade with my compantions ? Also a good link to a working mod FOSE also seen ... Thank you.

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