Does anyone know the best service to give alerts or signals for day trading ETF Options like SPY,XLF,QQQQ? related questions

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Does anyone know the best service to give alerts or signals for day trading ETF Options like SPY,XLF,QQQQ?0Dawnetta2012-10-22 12:55:07
I'm just looking to make a $ 10.00 - $ 20.00 per option contract profit daily in each purchase contract . Some days it works , some days it does not? I have a hard time with the graphics in real time to know when to enter and exit? I had heard that there are services that can give Buy sell signals all day about the options . I want to close my postions daily , instead of swing trading options as I have been doing now . This market is moving so fast , you can lose 50 % in a day or less .
Who give the best service for options trading in indian stock market?0Caren2012-09-13 07:12:04
Exclusive options (buying and selling ) if history
I was wondering about options trading. How much can you make on a weekly basis trading the QQQQ with $10,000?1hua-小伙2012-11-03 00:26:02
Has anyone used Best Trades system with Darlene Nelson strategies ? What was your experience ?
What combination of reversal signals give the best results in Stock Trading?0Sweet girl2012-08-03 22:56:50
which of the numerous stock price reversal signals give you the safest buy or sell entry point, with the best chance of an impulse wave taking the price safely away from your entry point.
What is the best stock options advisory service for trading options?0Patty Ann2012-07-17 12:52:02
Looking for some good choices or strategies some choice selections .
What does trading in future and options means .What does expiry date means in futures and options.Give an e.g?0Teria2012-08-22 08:03:02
What makes trading futures and options means. What is the date of expiry of futures and options.Give an example?
Who has the best signal service for trading options on the stock market?0tiffay2012-07-11 01:46:02
With auto-trading would be nice.
Hi Friends,Planning to open a online trading and demat A/C with Geojit cud anyone give feedback abt service?0Peter2012-07-24 11:24:02
Hello Friends , plans to open an online trading and Demat A / C with no feedback to service CUD Geojit ABT ?
Trading the QQQQ with Darlene Nelson?0Exie2012-09-30 14:22:02
Wondering if anyone has seen Darlene Nelsons DVD Trading QQQQ , and if they succeeded in what they learned from him. Any comments would be great!
What is Trading in Nifty Options -Give only Expert advice?1sdgsd2012-09-09 10:05:03
Know about MedlinePlus a can of how futures trading witty MedlinePlus Ingenious guess at 9.55 level is 2600 what should be the strategy to someone if the buy / sell futures and why ingenious MedlinePlus What is the point value , etc. lots MedlinePlus pl give the detail MedlinePlus trade is safer after the Faith and Order
Which is the best advisory service for trading in Indian Stock Market for Future and options, Nifty?0euvin2012-07-23 18:03:02
i trade in Indian stock market in Nifty and stock futures for intraday. i need a good tips provider website for intraday trading. if anybody have any good experiences with any such company or website please let me know. im ready to pay if they give paid calls also, but i want a trusted website which should not cheat or scam.
Give me examples of Put Options and Call Options?0New Endless Love,2012-09-27 10:19:03
I have so much trouble understanding these two concepts . Can someone please give me an example of real life (well, or an invented example ) of how each option ? Also what is a common scenario that this trade would take place ?

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