Nokia 5300 today just bought a good, ask for advice Bluetooth problem Thank you ~ related questions

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Nokia 5300 today just bought a good, ask for advice Bluetooth problem Thank you ~0Narva2012-10-22 09:48:24
Today I just bought a nice 5300. You can see the official said stereo Bluetooth , you can use Bluetooth to stream MP3 music phone ? No one can fail to notice how I fixed ah ~ ~ ~ I know my friends can point me hehe ~
Nokia 5300 memory card problem, the trouble that the next friend to answer thank you!1Susanna2012-05-23 23:04:12
5300 not only supports TF card ? The current maximum capacity of only 1G TF card , ah, the official said could be the Nokia 5300 supports up to 2GB of external memory. Does the 5300 can support MINI SD card ? Some people say the Internet can support MINI SD card , also said to support TF card , in the end what the card can endure huh?
5300 & Now want to buy Nokia Nokia Nokia -3250 & -62881Anse2011-12-20 07:13:02
Undecided ? Please compare the advantages and disadvantages of each? Reasons to buy ?
Will the Nokia 5300 or 5200 to support xrsoe it? If you do not have any better recommendations? About 2000, Nokia's not stupid0kk2012-11-06 04:00:02
Thank you friends
Random Thoughts selected from a Nokia 5200 and 5300, higher price which you think ah?1Horac2012-03-28 02:45:08
Point of view Zhongguancun online in the post, 5,200 people may be less pronounced say bad things about Tingduo 5300. In the end I do not know how to choose ?
I bought the v3 can not access the Bluetooth is not gray oh do not know?0 the invisible. -2012-08-22 21:29:22
Nokia 6230i how to access your PC via Bluetooth2shining_star0072012-11-02 00:55:02
Viable solution? Talk about specific measures, and the other to say it's a kind of payment.
how nokia free message, is not use to the Bluetooth1beecca2012-10-06 17:02:02
how Nokia message of freedom , not used for the Bluetooth connection
Nokia 7600 Bluetooth headset you can use MOTO1Tseday2012-10-21 18:24:02
`` `` `` `` `` ``
Why can not I W550C NOKIA HS-26W Bluetooth headset for listening to music, but can only receive calls?1Curry cat 2012-03-07 02:23:29
Nokia cell phone calls and music with no problem , why can only be used to pick up the Sony Ericsson?
My first car was driving 2500KM Paul (manufacturer provided), has been driving for more than 5300 KM, what maintenance should be done? The problem of traffic laws0Dhawaljeet2012-09-01 01:06:02
My first car driven by Paul 2500km ( including manufacturer ) , has been driving for more than 5300 KM , so maintenance should be done? The problem of traffic laws
Nokia 7370 phone is not on no data lines, we are all in addition to how to use the Bluetooth transfer of data outside of it? ?1Sri Lanka2012-01-01 20:33:42
Nokia 7370 is not in any case the data lines , which are , and how to use the Bluetooth data transfer out of it? ?

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