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Are there tax penalties for BUYING a stock then SELLING with in a few days then BUYING the same stock again?1dumitru2012-10-25 18:34:03
I am a novice in stock trading . I found a population that is in a constant roller coaster of ups and downs . Are there tax penalties ( or anyone else who needs to know about ) if I buy low sell high one day a couple of days later and then buy the same action again a few days after that when it falls to a minimum and continue repeating the same process if the pattern continues up and down ? I realize capital gains for short term trading about 35 % or so ... Any information would be helpful thanks .
Is selling a stock then buying the same stock back at a lower price considered day trading?0Janeille2012-07-24 07:49:02
I understand that buying stock then selling it for a higher price in the same day is considered a day trade. What about selling a stock bought on a previous day for a profit, then buying the same stock back at a lower price. Would that be considered day trading or not?
Buying/Trading Stock?0kenyetta2012-10-22 08:51:08
I enrolled in e-commerce , but have no experience of stock trading . When trading stocks and says "deal " is that the stock is worth an amount ? Or is that the " do" ? Also, what is the difference between the market , the market closely , limit , stop, stop limit , trailing stop $ , % and subsequent stop ?
What's they key to trading, buying, and selling stock?2jam ie2012-11-05 09:36:02
Just do not understand . I remember watching Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd , and it seemed that the idea was to buy low sell high and I was just guessing and take a chance . I want to know exactly what the strategy is .
When buying stock on Etrade, which amount am I buying?0fefe2012-10-07 13:45:30
I just opened an account in e- commerce . I want to buy a stock during the day. It shows a number of values ​​is for and says it is 20 minutes delayed. When I buy I'm buying for the price stated or do not know what the future price will be ?
Stock trading Insider buying advice?0Liz2012-09-08 05:44:03
Is there a site that can provide insider stock purchases .. MedlinePlus Thank you very much for your useful information .
Where can I go to learn the basics about buying, trading, and investing in stock?3Serrena2012-10-26 17:45:03
I want to learn what it is to be a marketing director. what website?
In stock trading what is the significance of 52 week high/low ?How is it going to help buying/selling decision?4ELENA ROMINA2012-09-10 03:55:02
In the bag of what the meaning of the 52 week high / low ? How are you going to help buy / sell decision?
What is the best stock trading website that you can practice buying and seeling with real prices and simulate?0Lawan2012-11-04 16:25:37
your Portfolio I am looking for something very real that includes every broker fee and deals with real prices in real time I like to test and see my success before putting actual money there. what website is the most popular one in this regard ? Please advise good advise Thanks
How easy is it to begin buying and trading stock and what sort of capital is necessary to turn a profit?0 a Nan relic: I m resistance to Him. M ↖ xu 2012-07-23 19:42:01
was not interested in the stock market before, but I have a friend who specialized in macroeconomics and put a bug in my ear. you're thinking of trading in the Chinese stock market itself. I have 27 years and have very little capital to work. I have an IRA with a few large, but that's all. more luck or skill involved ?
Give me the details about the process of trading in the stock market, precisely buying and issuing shares.?1najla2012-10-20 10:23:58
I want this for a project MedlinePlus so please do not give short answers . MedlinePlus I would prefer if you provide hyperlinks . MedlinePlus information must be more than a page long.
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day, is that counted as one trade or two?0#OddKidd;2012-08-03 01:04:01
Buying a stock and selling the same stock that day , it counts as a change or two?

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