Help me on verification.

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Asked at 2012-02-12 22:50:10
Dear Experts , I am Naresh Shrestha Kathmandu , Nepal. I am a first time buyer and will buy a product from the Mountain Melody Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, I've found from I have the invoice with the conditions of advance payment of 30% and 70% after delivery. The company ( Mountain Melody) asks me to pay 30% advance by T / T in the name of ' whooping Isoh (his bill collection section ). So please help me for the company above is true or not? ¿ I can send the advance payment of 30% in confidence to the company ? Thanking you, Naresh Shrestha Kathmandu , Nepal email: [email protected]
Answer1RodericeAnswered at 2012-02-13 06:37:24
That company is a good company that we have been doing business with them for over 8 years and if you want to do business with them will aheard and bussiness doing business with them has to do with confidence and I also advice that no fraud on PayPal and letter of credit , so my advice is to go and not business to the tune of mountain Sdn Bhd are fully committed.
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