Knowledge of home decoration home wiring

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Knowledge of wiring home home decor
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Type of Home Wiring: housing, wiring should be integrated into a "skills-oriented, in advance" principle according to their needs and the ability of consumers to choose different options. 1. Basic: in the main hall room phone, cable Internet, video and export 2. Extended: all rooms in your room, export network in the living room leading to the export of cable and video, the family lights automatically control the interface and security measures (Menci, gas leaks, smoke alarm, microwave, infrared detection and alarm, visual / non-video intercom, etc..) 3. Luxury: The location of the living room all the needs and the possible installation of telephone, cable TV Internet access, and export video, lighting controls and home security interfaces design automation (Menci, gas leaks , smoke alarm, microwave, infrared alarms, video / no video intercom, network monitoring, remote control of appliances, etc..) Advantages of wiring: modular design, flexible, feature set, expandability and good scalability are the source wiring rules to be followed in planning. 1. Various applications. You can set a home audio / video networking, home networking applications, communications, the monitoring network at home to meet a variety of functions. 2. Facilitate the afterlife. You may need to use your computer to the local standby interface. In this way, change the location of equipment and additional material for the future, only one plug to connect the device to complete. 3. Save money. Display panel, access to broadband Internet, telephones, computers can be common. The family can simultaneously access multiple computers can share a broadband network, you can use a DVD player or computer to play all the room you can watch the program. 4. Easy management. When used without any specialized knowledge can be completed in its own device, in order to achieve the desired function. Wiring the steps of: integrated wiring is to realize the premise of each family. 1. First, the function of its own distinction and character of residential basic ideas presented, and then negotiate with professionals, taking into account the alignment of the provision, the final confirmation of a reasonable solution for home and sound intelligent. 2. For design information, including the residential floor plan (with the exact dimensions and the use of functions), the design of the decoration (including marketing of electrical goods); more concerned about the characteristics and special requirements, lighting, such as high electrical wiring diagram of the system. 3. Your professional installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance. Tips. the information contained in the choice point and the cable must have the foresight, be sure to reserve enough transport capacity. b. All lines must be the case, the exchange of different types of pipe is strictly prohibited. c. power supply laying in strict accordance with the electrical specifications. d. air conditioning, full bath, electric shower, etc., it is recommended to first check the time of purchase if the protective device, and then configure the switch for differential protection.
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