Rasmus- Ryan Braun trade????

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Kurt Kincaid
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Colby apparently not comfortable in STL more . So how about this trade ? Cardinals get Ryan Braun . The Brewers get Colby Rasmus , Top pitching prospect and 19 years old , Shelby Miller , and other talented pitching prospect . The Brewers get a future ace in Miller , along with another pitcher and one of the most talented young outfielders in baseball . The Cardinals get incredible bat Braun , and a new MV3 of Pujols , Holliday , Braun and give an amazing 3 4 and 5 hitters to complement his amazing pitching . What are your thoughts ? Would it be a good change in the offseason ?
Answer1raymond benzonAnswered at 2012-10-24 14:17:20
Not the best trade ever, and certainly not the worst . But the letters never would. Honestly , Braun is not much of an improvement over Rasmus . Braun defense is atrocious compared to Rasmus . Also, I think the best use would be as a hitter platoon Braun . (Maybe that's a bit off) . 2010: 0254 - V - 0317 -v - Lefties righties. And has worsened since 2007 . Moreover , Rasmus has the potential to be able to hit against lefties and righties ! and on top of that , the Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the MLB vs Lefties and Braun definitely not going to fix that.
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