What political party does this belong to?

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If a person is : MedlinePlus - Against new taxes ( current taxes and more ) MedlinePlus - For free
weapons possession - A pro-abortion abortion MedlinePlus - For smaller government
- To move from NASA , NIH , education , art , music MedlinePlus - Contrary to censorship of any kind MedlinePlus - Against the religious control of government at any level MedlinePlus - For a more open international trade MedlinePlus - A smarter approach to the terrorist threat MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ... which party should belong ?
Answer1JamAnswered at 2012-10-22 19:46:20
The decline ever popular Party State !
Answer2Albert KimAnswered at 2012-11-05 15:54:01
It all sounds like libertarians except for the NASA spending, but I could be wrong there...
Answer3MandeAnswered at 2012-11-05 20:30:08
Liberal Repub or Libertarian, take your pick.
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