Can I trade my iPhone 4S in for an iPhone 4?

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So , in May I got an iPhone 4 along with the rest of my family ( I have 13 ) and I love the beginning ! Siri was fun and everything was wonderful ! And then , after a day , my phone started to die every day ! Even when I upload it to the night and loaded until you really need it and in the car ! I hate that ! And now , when I'm watching a video or playing a game or something Siri just randomly pop up! What really gets on my nerves ! My dad has an iPhone 4 and it was fun to play on it when I had no phone ( this is not my first phone , it's my third! ) I do not hate to share , but I hate the way I'm not near my phone , people just pick up and play with Siri and really lose the battery ! So I can not get that important text or call someone! No need Siri because I'm only 13 ! Should I give my iPhone 4S for a 4 ? I can operate ? ( I'm with Verizon ) and get the 4? What I can do? I love my phone , but I really do not like to have a phone so expensive because people complain and wish to have my phone and I feel dirty ! Please help me !

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