Can I breed a traded male Munchlax with a Ditto on Pokemon White? related questions

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Can I breed a traded male Munchlax with a Ditto on Pokemon White?0Cambodia2012-10-19 13:16:15
I have the game pokemon white. I'm trying to breed my male Munchlax traded with a Ditto just caught me . Day- Care man is telling me that " prefer to play with others who are. " which is not good . Should I try to catch another Ditto ? Or , when breeding with a ditto , do I have to have a woman Munchlax ? I'm a little confused now . I do not think he cared.
Can I breed a kanto starter in pokemon white without trading or hacking?1Blur2012-07-22 20:01:03
I want to be able to raise the three Kanto Starter Pokemon in my game pokemon white. Is there any way to do this without hacking or trade ? I do not want to buy the DSi hacker and am willing to change , I have nothing to anyone interested themselves as only white pokemon .
Is there anyone out there that want's to trade a Japanese Origin Ditto on Pokemon White?1Christopholees2012-08-15 13:06:02
I've heard of this method to raise Pokémon bright but I really need a Ditto who is of Japanese origin . This means that the Pokémon Black and White in Japan. If you have a friend of my code is : 3611 7367 9686. Thanks >.
(Pokemon White) Can someone give me a ditto? I'll hatch you a Charmander, Snivy or Trapinch if you do.?0alobi2012-07-30 15:14:01
I want to get into breeding pokemon for trade, but I don't have a ditto and I'm not all that far along in the game yet (yeah I know, play the game. I'm working on it). Anyone got a spare? I'll use it to breed one of the above three for you.
Pokemon white if i change my country and reset my game will my ditto be considered from a different country?0Alvin2012-07-17 21:05:02
I hear if you have a pokemon breed with a pokemon from a different country it gives alot higher of a chance to get a shiny, so if i change my ds country and reset and trade a ditto to my friend will it be considered from a different country?
Can you migrate a munchlax on pokemon fire red?2tegs2012-11-04 18:07:02
everyone says it's okay and I do not know how to use the global trade station
Can you breed to make Pokemon not available in LeafGreen?1ABBIE 2012-08-05 09:48:02
I need to get the complete Pokedex filled, and to do that I need to get the pokemon available in FireRed that can not be found in LeafGreen and trade them. Is there a way to breed these pokemon as I do not have a copy of FireRed?
If i get my male parakeet a female friend will they breed without nestbox? ?0Tneshia2012-07-20 08:58:02
Ok so i got my parakeet a male friend, cause he was lonely, will i put them together & he attacked him the breeder i got his friend from said i can trade him in for a female, but will thy still breed even tho theres not a nest box? My male parakeet is pulling his feathers out cause hes lonely i knw parakeets like to be with others, hes 8 months old, and he want let me hold him so he needs a friend just not a male
Can Japanese Pokemon White 2 connect and trade with an English Pokemon White?0jacquelin2012-10-12 22:36:53
I have an English version Pokemon Black and wonder if I can negotiate with two Japanese Pokemon Black Version Pokemon White because I care 2 versions .
Where can I see Ditto in Pokemon Platinum?0Dakotah2012-09-11 22:32:06
Ok , so I know that you can catch a Ditto in the Trophy Garden and is a daily pokemon , I know . The problem is they do not want to waste time resetting the game untold until Mr. Backlot says he saw a Ditto in your garden , so I 'd much rather see a Ditto fighting for a coach with a form that is more or less my question: Is there a coach or person with whom I can talk to add Ditto my pokedex ? I ask because if you get in my pokedex I can go in world trade and trade for one .
Will anyone trade me a ditto for a weak pokemon?1scrgrl42012-08-17 14:47:02
I really need a ditto anyone can trade me, please . I just started playing the game, so I have no good except pokemon Rotom , but pleaseeeeee someone can operate a Ditto I'm asking you really need a ditto. Email me the answer and see if they could trade. Thank you ! ! ! ! ! ! ! OT: Dalton Janssen Email Address : [email protected] Friend Code : 1636-0307-9315
{Gen5} could someone trade me a male shadow sneak ralts and a ditto?0stacii2012-09-03 02:10:18
holding a stone alba preferably but not necessary. Also if you just had a Duskull or Spiritomb Shuppet or that I can train and raise myself MedlinePlus thanks

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