Is there any way possible to get my money back from an international scammer? related questions

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Is there any way possible to get my money back from an international scammer?0kaltyn2012-10-19 12:43:00
I found a unique online company Shenzhen International Trade , and the guy emailed and contacted me through the whole process. When my shipment was sent was not what I ordered and I contacted him , but he's avoiding me . He deceived me $ 1500 and I just want my money back .
toy R/C Mr xin International Trading CO., Ltd Store No. 903468 is a Fraud-Scammer1grass_snake2012-04-26 00:43:52
I am looking for other false victiems of this store. I had a friend check Chinese leadership does not exist. The seller has been banned in many places in many countries. You will receive an e-mail outside of Alibaba Happy888x gxail and the same name in the secret factory Tom.Com with, it will not give the address or the actual number of business liscence, first signs of scammer. CARE. Always pay by PayPal and will never accept the consignment. Escrow can not help you if you do. The person in this scam e-mail that something has been sent the same time you pay and give the number of EMS. Nobody can send immediately. They work the timing system and hope it falls into the false story of honesty, the question of his honesty, anything to get you to accept the shipment false or let the time to submit disputes or pass PayPal Dispute. Will threaten and try to make you drop disputes. Do not. Many very bad reviews on the site. Only the good ones are false. Shoud Alibaba eliminate this seller before you can explore many more. They have several stores in Alibaba. This is another note comments: watch Mr. Xin International Trading Co., Ltd Shop No. 701688 All fraudsters tarnish the reputation of the sellers. There are many good Chinese companies here. It is a good place if you follow the safety instructions of trade and stay away from scammers like this. Dipute always present as soon as the trade is not feeling well and hold regardless of what they say. This scammer goes by the name of Hongjun xin is false. I followed the question of fraud in several countries where they have been blacklisted. Feel free to contact me for details. Ali is trying to get rid of them, and I applaud that action. I own many shares of stock Aibaba and we believe this site is a great service and great value. The scammers are trying to ruin that.
Sell the home to receive money not to deliver goods, also do not contact, can my money want to come back? How should I do?1Grove2012-04-03 20:06:17
Sell ​​the house to tell him to receive money but not deliver the goods to be beaten I call it now, I'll be illogical to deliver goods to cheat ? Ah How I do still want the money back please help me
Be alert to UK Scammer: m*ick keens (UK scammer)!2ωǒ Bu bad ⿺ 2021-07-31 20:44:11
The UK fraudster "nick Leens " always poses as a buyer of a big deal and asked to send samples and then disappears. then set out for us what we say they are scam. Please show all your porves . I know you are scammer. alibaba don; t like our work because we lost many scammers at Alibaba
Be alert to UK Scammer: m*ick keens (UK scammer)!2K|ssing Sensations - Xoide 2021-07-31 20:38:00
Be alert to UK Scammer: m * ick Keens (UK scammer !)
Money to, did not give goods, money can look back?1Sarah Mae B. Oquindo2012-07-27 01:19:02
The day before yesterday for the first time I played 300 yuan, more than 10 points today, there was a man called to say the goods arrived, so I hit 800, he gave me a 800 cargo passed, and there to shut down, and I will check in the end of the are not easily spare them, have my single receipt at the bank today, and chat records.
money back0Pedra2012-09-05 21:12:03
How I can get my money back ?
How do I get my money back?0LANINA2012-07-25 06:17:02
This certain law firm that advertises on TV. Committed fraud. They got all my creditors and listed them. They did nothing. I ended up hiring a local attorney. I have written BBB,Federal Trade Commission, and Attorney General???
GRM Stock- do you think we'll ever get our money back?0lauren<32012-09-19 22:33:02
I have 1030 shares to stop trading GRM 5/28/09 I wonder if anyone has heard anything about them paying what you owe ( $ 25/per share )
I can immediately get back interest money?1swift2012-04-15 05:15:33
Groom want a property, then no money. The house was opened in the previous stage the next day, saying it was intended to pay the prepayment to get the numbers. The results acquired had a boyfriend , then I rush all the way to pay special intention to pay. when sales offices to work, and at the insistence of the seller made ​​me 20,000 in interest payments, said the floor of the house tomorrow , when the switch to select the tank. I sent money to see the details of the model room requested that the opening of the only house about 60 sets , and we have worked so hard to get the number is more than 70 numbers , it is unlikely that a house , and intend to pay in gold a month later to determine the extent of the accommodation to return. I'm lazy, and that is unlikely to get a house , why do we have to pay the interest payments? and why a month to retire? Why? I ask my intention to immediately get money back ?
money back don't usin fullfilment3Isa2012-11-02 10:24:02
Hello , my question is , how long does it take to get my money if I take back fullfilment and after the goods arrive at the store does not pay the fullfilment . I hope that I paid understenad goods but fullfilment is expensive, then I will not USIT and I'll put my money back mine for $ 5. I Wanan know how long it takes to get my money.
how can l get my money back from south african2Spring2012-05-04 00:05:30
please l have send money. dr.bombak in South Africa for eight months so far cream without cream or money

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