How do i unlock a phone i bought thats still on someones sprint account? related questions

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How do i unlock a phone i bought thats still on someones sprint account?0mmmheartbreak2012-10-16 21:01:16
I bought this Samsung Rant from someone and thought I could flash to cricket or atleast unlock and sell or trade it , but I called sprint and they said it is still in an account so I'm at a loss . Is there anything I can do ? I can not contact the person who bought it , so maybe it was just taken you know? well thanks for any advice
Question about trading phone to a different account on Sprint?0Lona2012-11-04 22:34:24
My mom wants a new phone but not the same one but she doesn't qualify for an upgrade yet. She is on a family plan with me. My step dad does qualify for an upgrade though, but he doesn't want a new phone, he likes the one he has. He is on a separate account. If he were to get a new phone through his upgrade, would he be able to switch back to his old phone and give my mom the new one to use on our account? Or would they "know"? Or are there some rules about not doing that?
How do I find unlock iphone4g mobile phone?1Chase2012-01-09 00:48:14
How I can find iphone4g unlock mobile phone?
Can i have someones runescape account? i was kicked out for no reason.?3deja2012-09-25 07:47:02
I was negotiating this type and I changed it , but later, when I saw how much he was worth anything I tried to recover it, but then I got fired. Does anyone I knew it ! !
Options for stolen Sprint phone?0madiha2012-08-20 10:22:26
Not sure what to do . I was tricked by a friend of a friend I traded phone (a HTC Evo 4G iPhone3GS Design ) . I was very excited to try Android , but when I tried to activate Sprint said it was listed as lost or stolen . Now I can ' t get a hold of that guy. Am I stuck with this phone unusable forever? Is there a way to "unlock " it? Or make me like Sprint ?
Which Sprint cell phone would be best for stock trading?0Jacobi2012-10-16 15:48:41
I am in need of a smart phone you can use stock trading . I have the Everything Data plan from Sprint yet . Thank you !
Sprint phone trade in policy easy points?0Janice2012-07-28 09:21:02
Well I have a nexus s 4G Sprint and wanted to change it for the iPhone 4 and am currently on a two-year contract and want to know how much it cost to trade / sell my phone to Sprint for the iPhone 4. Would I have to pay full price for the iPhone 4 or the current contract price of $ 50 due to the fact that I have a contract with them. Maybe you can answer my question, because there is not even own sales person I know because when I called them twice today I received two different answers and I have no idea
I bought the Sony Ericsson K700C phone bought without a data cable, where does that accompany that1m1ng / 陌㈤2012-04-27 01:35:29
I bought the Sony Ericsson K700i buy without a data cable , where does that go with
If I just bought a phone at Metro PCS can I return it? or trade it for a different phone?0Lady2012-09-27 23:21:02
I bought the samsung contour because he was tired of the touch screen phones , but it seems that I have to make a mistake , as this phone bothers me , is always roaming. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not understand why, because my old phone worked fine with reception. MedlinePlus I do not think they charge extra for roaming in Metro PCS ? MedlinePlus However, still gets upset , the reception is so low , and has high reception outside my house .. and neighbor hood .. MedlinePlus I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars .. I thought that was what I wanted .. But that's what makes me want to go back to my Samsung Admire .. sigh . MedlinePlus can not get good cheap games with Metro? - ____ - And it was not even $ 59. My total was $ 80. MedlinePlus give me the complete recasting , or keep some of it ? :/ I remember once I made a switch , but I needed the recipt .. idk if I have a Recipet yet for this , but I have Metro papers you get in the bag . would that work as well ? : ] MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks = /
I bought a LG912 phone0Renea2012-06-30 15:50:02
Your CD -ROM software that sent at random what is the point ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ V aux Click to connect computers and mobile phones are always there to find or can not connect (I have a mobile phone via data cable on it! And my computer is a removable disk)
I bought a Motorola cell phone signals can not get through.1Bradle2012-05-03 20:57:40
Motorola C118 is a medium and large appliances to buy less than a month , once friends call me that could not happen. I know that after trying a couple of times he was right. I want to ask why.
Who know the West An Hongxin pass? ? It was in that cell phone you bought1Oscar2012-03-14 22:52:59
The quality of the way ,ah ! ! Please tell us . . . . .

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