storm thin fashion 10 stars

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storm fine fashion 10 stars
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Storm thin fashion stars 10 Name: Nicole Richie identity: the weight and height of the Hollywood actress: 156 cm 38 kg to less than 156 cm tall and Nicole - Ridge two years ago, or cyclic Feimei, weight 55 kg and now weighs just 38 kilos, but says he has "more than 12 years of age can be seen in the best of the human wrist." Name: Beyonce Knowles: Sexy RB days "Chorus of Destiny 's Child", the original American band of the founding members and songwriters. Height and weight: 170 cm 60 kg to create "Dreamgirls" on "Dinah" corner, she is full of Beyonce strict weight loss, lost 10 kilos in two weeks, but Beyonce did not intend to keep thin. Name: Victoria Beckham and former Spice Girls singer weight, height: 170 cm 42 kg since the couple's love and England's David Beckham, the weight to the bottom, all the way from 59 kg to 45 kg, although they had three son and successor, 32 year old girls body is ridiculously thin, and even David Beckham can not see beyond. Name: Kate Bosworth as "Superman Returns" actress height and weight: 171 cm 44 kg to Kate Bosworth's debut is healthy, and now she is thin Kate every year, 12 kg were thin on the presence of "Superman Returns" premiere, the paper is flat simply become people, a gust of wind can blow through it. Name: Choi Ji Lawson identity: the famous supermodel 60 BMI: 14.7, 1962, death of Marilyn Monroe certain plump beauty also began to fall from grace, "Pacific Princess" has become mainstream , the first ultra-Choi Ji-Lite (Twiggy), was at this time. Twiggy with big eyes, black eyeliner and thick, short hair, the elves looked and delicate body is known, is the 60's fashion brand, very thin in the modeling industry began a wave of popularity. Name: Kate Moss as the famous supermodel 90, BMI: 16.7 last century, mid 90's, skinny Kate - Moss CK ad stand out, but only 1.64 meters tall, but she was like a thin pre -pubescent child height and slightly deforms the O-shaped legs with a sickening of the "tide of heroin," made him be quiet "top model" in the first place. Name: Gisele Bundchen identity today the most expensive model BMI: 17.4 1995 began her modeling career. Giselle for all major fashion houses such as models, including Ralph - Lawrence, Versace and Valentino, his photo appeared in many famous cover of fashion magazine. Meanwhile, Giselle also holding the hands of millions of dollars in the most recognized brands, "Victoria's Secret," the sponsorship contract. Name: Lily Cole identity: the famous supermodel baby face BMI: 15.6 Lily Cole has been dubbed Britain's "fine China Wizard" of 14 years of age, high school students wear uniforms Lily, chewing gum, going shopping, with models looking to explore the Agency. Lily has red hair like the wizard's face looks strange, like a child known to the cosmetic industry of fashion modeling, 18 have been flourishing, is seen as the successor to Kate Moss.
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