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Supply of work clothes clothing suits shirts1N-MASS 2011-12-22 05:21:33
Supply workwear shirts Underwear
New clothes LABEL in germany is looking for suppliers polo-shirts and t-shirts1Dic2012-02-20 21:18:46
We are looking for top quality T-shirts and polo shirts ready labeld 100% cotton . This new tag is registered by the law and very exclusiv . We are seeking only the best suppliers of ..... The labels should be embroidered . We offer ....... prices ..... many colors ..... ......
Fat people fat people clothes with clothes can also wear clothing to the United States1Griselda2012-02-29 01:56:44
Fat people clothes people 's clothes fat can also wear clothing to the United States
How di i find einstein T-shirts clothing1Gabriel2012-01-04 01:54:17
How I can find clothes t di Einstein
Garment factory in Dongguan City, Dongguan Xin source overalls, Dongguan, uniforms, work clothes, Dongguan, Dongguan clothing1Fitzgeral2012-03-15 00:12:30
Garment factory in Dongguan City , Dongguan Xin original monkeys , Dongguan , uniforms , work clothes , clothes of Dongguan , Dongguan
Clothing manufacturer that can produce shirts similar to Affliction and Guess!1Omeristhebest!!! 2012-04-04 00:04:57
We have a clothing company and is looking for a manufacturer to manufacture our shirts , hoodies, thermals, etc. We would like to work short with someone who understands the trends and can produce quality clothing brands like Affliction , the monarchy and Guess .
Business suits Man suits In China1mohd2012-08-09 12:39:04
Dear Sir / Madam After nearly thirty years of experience in the field of international business in general overall , we have reached this result we are the jumper best in Dubai and other countries our offices are located in the midst of all our importers and exporters worldwide, our company back ground are well known world wide for importers and exporters in the transfer of successful products through us . And these years we have factory in suits products from China, which is T / R, wool suits of good quality, etc. If the interest in business suits, please contact us. Best Regards Sasa [email protected] ~ ~ V
I'm looking for a manufacturer to produce t shirts and jumpers for my clothing line with embroidered patches and prints1ALEX22012-06-29 13:05:02
I was all the little girls child, I want to wear clothing with my own personality clothes1Chapma2011-12-30 18:32:13
My shoulder is very wide , the upper body is very short, thick legs a bit , I think a change in my style, but I do not know how to do ~ please help me , ah , for the first time through , ah ~ ~ ~
My clothing store wants start business, seek supply of goods, who has introduce me please, cooperate for a long time!1Kelly T 2012-04-22 20:01:37
My clothing store wants to start-ups , find the supply of goods, seek me day fashion editor have dressed , the best theme shows a difference oh, excuse me wholesale? You want good quality , price is important too, to introduce me please cooperate for a long time! Be fashionable clothes daughter , editing Han, you had better also important accumulates is largely wholesale!
Li Ning basketball clothes, basketball clothes Anta, football clothes wholesale, recruiting network proxy1plover2012-02-13 05:33:41
Li Ning basketball clothes , basketball clothes Anta, football clothing wholesale procurement network proxy
Xinda apparel clothing wholesale center will launch a special municipal agency! Make your business no longer worry about clothes!1(Fara)2012-01-21 05:29:45
Xinda center , clothing, wholesale clothing will launch a special municipal agency ! Make your business does not care about the clothes!

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