Why after the world trade centers are we americans protest this war.Do they not care about our future? related questions

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Why after the world trade centers are we americans protest this war.Do they not care about our future?1lachelle2012-11-03 07:06:02
I'm not sure why Americans protest this war.Do not read the paperand see the great things we are doing in there.What think we should be there or not ?
I heard there were Child Day-Care Centers in the World Trade Centers. Am I right, were the kids killed?0Shefali2012-10-19 20:20:59
I heard they were children in day care centers in world trade. Am I right , boys were killed ?
What will replace the world trade centers?0ks2012-07-25 11:35:02
Ok so I just asked this question and I got an answers being that what's to replace the twin towers is the one world trade center. I mean that kinda sucks cuz the previous name was freedom tower and that's like a f**k you to the terrorist. I mean I'm I bit disappointed will there another tower or is it gonna be one?
What was the purpose of the World Trade Centers?1Nasir2012-10-19 18:28:01
I mean what kind of office they were in ? It was like a place where we did international operations or something?
Is there going to be a steel building erected on the former site of the World Trade Centers?2mathpleashelp2012-08-11 14:34:03
I have heard about this. But is it myth, or is it true? I am not a conspiracy theorist. More of an analyst. I heard some other things, as well. I also heard that this will be a 'new tower of Babylon.' I also heard that we will all speak one language in the near future. Is it really that implausible? Society is changing in ways that would indicate that this may be true. We are heading towards one world government. There will be one world religion, one currency, etc. This will happen in either the near or intermediate future. It's all Biblical. Perhaps the facts end at the steel tower being built. I don't even know if that is a factual statement. Has anyone else heard about this?
Peaceful protest! portland Or HELP SAVE JOBS/AMERICAS FUTURE?3Augus2016-10-28 19:09:31
Peaceful Protest Orginization!!! im asking for the people of oregon the help out here! im a 19 year old collage student that lives in portland Oregon. And im desperatly worried about the future of this state, and others, and for the future wellbeing of american citizens/ corperations/ jobs in this beatiful state! Im tryin to gather a protest in downtown portland against measures 66 & 67! these measures will drive the economy further into the ground and prevent small businesses and commercial industry from getting out of this economical standstill, and continue to thrive. These businesses already pay more than 60% of the taxes in america, what will taxing them more do to this state>? Help put them out of business, decreasing the amount of tax flow that they contribute. This will destroy massive amounts of jobs and cause further problems. Cap and trade will not help this state or any other. Contact me by email if u want to start the movement and bring awareness to this state! I know most of the people wont be affected by voting yes in the short-run, but all will be affected in the long run! Make a stand help the people take back control of the way things work in this country! Higher taxes = national problems of a massive scale!
???Why do all 270 million Americans support the greedy 30 million that live in a few Mega Metropolitan centers?0nirav2012-08-26 02:35:02
Like the Chicago Board of Trade and the City of Chicago , which caters to the whims of traders. How many millions of Americans will take to provide an abundant lifestyle for a commodity trader .
Americans, no plane hit World Trade Center Tower 7, so why did it collapse?6purple2012-11-05 16:08:02
Would I be able to care for my future wife and kids if i graduate from a trade school?0nan2012-08-11 11:27:03
I was failing the lowest class of mathematics at a community college , who was failing math grade 6 and 7, so I was thinking of going to a trade school or college like ITT Tech, as they offer the greatest the same for me , Information Technology or Information Technology known as iT . Would it be able to look after my future wife and my children if I graduate from a trade school ? My wife will come from Vietnam , I'm Vietnamese.
Would I be able to have enough money to care for a wife and future kids if i get a degree at a trade school ?0Damilare2012-09-20 03:45:02
Someone here suggested I try going to a trade school , as it was failing the lowest class of math at a community college . I was learning math grade 6 and 7 and I did not understand , I thought it was a dead end. Would it be able to take care of a wife and family in the future with the kids if I get a degree in Computer Technology at ITT Tech School of Commerce ? ? ? Please help me , I want a bright future for my wife and my children in the future. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://itt-tech.edu/teach/list/it-cns.cfm
What you think about the World Trade Organization (WTO)? will it work in the future?0Elvira2012-09-01 19:32:03
What do you think of the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) ? will work in the future?
Why are Dems pushing the Cap & Trade bill & Health Care bill so arduously w/o thought of future repercussion?1Izeck2012-10-03 14:32:02
W / O = without I fear that the impact will be an inflation tax that will be very similar to the AMT rate if no inflation adjustment is made. What is a very clever way of saying that your tax will not increase , but the responsibility for the future will be next . So for those who proudly support Pelosi and the gang , I have fear that their future children and grandchildren will be paying the money to pay for this bill , because like it or not , its future taxation will be higher because the clause in the draft law does not allow any inflation adjustment to it. The bill would cap and trade is a delusional fantasy that will only increase the energy bills of people, which incidentally is already high. Jobs in manufacturing will be sent to China and India and 3rd world countries because they do not care for the U.S. bill , our unemployment rates soar. This just means more government handouts , and more power given to them . How can a government that can not run " cash for clunkers " can not get H1N1 vaccine after they promised, promised to be unemployment below 8 % and saved up all their work numbers to be able to run Health Care ?

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