Can anyone recommend the best stock simulator/virtual stock trading/fantasy stock website plz? related questions

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Can anyone recommend the best stock simulator/virtual stock trading/fantasy stock website plz?1jordan2012-11-01 23:22:01
I am looking for a website that allows you to trade in stocks FTSE , I tried a few , but they are not NASDAQ or LSE . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically I'm looking for a British version Investopedia stock simulator , thnx in advance
What's the best Virtual Stock Trading website? 02:44:02
Looking to start in the stock market , I just want practically for a few weeks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I need a free virtual trading site . It supports all MedlinePlus stock . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance ! (:
What is the best stock market simulator to learn about stock trading ?1Suzi2012-07-19 00:57:04
Hello Could anyone suggest a good free online simulation stock market that has the ability to trade stocks , not only in the UScompanies but around the world?
Any virtual online stock trading web sites in India that allow practice of stock trading?1candy cain2012-07-05 19:51:02
The idea is to practice stock trading without having to invest your hard earned cash . Once you become familiar with trading of the shares that can venture into the world of stock trading real money investments real.
What stock trading website would you recommend to a first time trader? ?0Vanessa2012-09-12 11:19:04
Hello , I have 19 years and I've been wanting to start learning stock trading , but I'm not sure which site to use . I was thinking about eTrade but the fees are very high and have a minimum of $ 500. I did some virtual trading with fake money in and 21 % return after a few months . So I looked at OptionsHouse and Scottrade . OptionsHouse was leaning as they have low rates and no minimum . Has anyone had any experience good / bad with OptionsHouse ? Thank you. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also, if anyone has a good website that teaches beginners who would like to know . Thank you.
Can anyone tell me how to play in virtual stock exchange and which stock to buy?0Geof2012-08-17 02:51:31 or how do you decide whether to buy and how much volume you should buy, investors? in bidding for oil , how do u decide how much to bid? I want to play in the virtual market of stock exchange before I go really. i am a business student . is that buying and selling shares on the stock exchange trade-related matter?
I am about to get involved in the stock market. What is the best online stock trading website?0Mirabelle2012-09-25 12:51:02
I am only an investment of $ 300 - $ 500
What website would you recommend for a newbie in the stock market?1ωǒ Bu bad ⿺ 2012-10-11 14:46:01
I am not a frequent trader , and the balance of my account more than likely be low at first . Just looking for something that does not cost an arm and a leg while I 'm in the learning process . MedlinePlus I 'm currently w / E * Trade , which costs $ 12.99 / commercial (which seems excessive to me )
What is the best stock trading simulator software?0colbey2012-07-10 14:43:05
I want a powerful stock trading software program that I can practice with that is the real deal (or as close to it as possible).
Best day trading stock simulator for free?0Sidney2012-08-16 05:13:03
Need help finding the simple and free for simulation of stock trading ? please help ASAP
Historical Stock Trading Simulator?0tessy2012-08-05 18:19:02
I have some ideas about stock trading and would like to test them on historical data . If, for example, wanted to buy a stock when its 5 % below the average and sell when the 5% above average, but want to run this formula on past historical data to see if my theory that have been historically profitable , a program available that does this ? On the other hand I can write my own code, but you need to download the chart data . Can it be done easily from commonly available source ?
What is the best stock trading simulator site for free?4fidelcio2012-10-22 23:30:02
I am trying to learn day trading and I have initially tried the trading simulator provided by; it was good, but now I opened a real account and it turns out that I did not learn much, the real brokerage account is totally different: margins, monthly statement, P&L reports... So I am now looking for a stock trading simulator (preferably for free) that has all these features of a real brokerage. Any suggestions?

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