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Why Were Delmon Young and Hunter Pence Traded?0MTTT*2012-10-15 07:24:24
For Pence , I think I understand ... Astros had 4 players including blue chip prospect Jonathan Singleton , who seems to be a future star. So the Astros will move quickly and could control up to 6 years. The Astros already are a mess , but with a lot of prospects under control , could do well in five years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But in the case of Young, it was absolutely no prospect for 2 name ... Nelson Oliveros and ... and the Twins could have still had to play next year . He is eligible for arbitration but not free agency until 2013 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What about that? Are the twins so shy gun now not even going to keep a potential star player ?
Who else thinks Delmon Young should be traded and Kubel's option shoulda been declined?0adb2012-09-30 08:24:02
Sure Young had a solid year but it was absolutely horrible offensive defense. He had a -11 UZR . That Fricken terrible. the result of their shit *** D results in a 2.1 WAR , meaning it was worth more then just 2 wins triple A average player . MedlinePlus Kubel was not much better . Just had a 0.3 WAR and defense sucks . Not worth 5000 at all. I'd rather see a plantoon Thome and the Thames or Kearns . Thames really can hit lefties .
Non astros fans: how do you view the trading of hunter pence for 4 phillies prospects?6sklfjs2012-09-13 23:12:02
Not astros fans please. I know all astros fans hate ed wade and the trade
Should I trade Vernon Wells and Bobby Jenks for Erik Bedard or Felix Hernandez and Hunter Pence?0Ayanda2012-09-21 12:32:03
I gave Felix Hernandez ( Bedard is another option of the same team if desired) and Hunter Pence for Vernon Wells and Bobby Jenks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First, I do the deal? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Second, King Felix is the best of that group for trading MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My other OF are Hermida , Nady , Kemp . I have Braun , Longoria , Mauer , Conor Jackson , BJ Upton , Michael Young as my other holders with Delmon Young on the bench. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My pitchers are MedlinePlus SP - Laffey , Verlander , Aaron Cook , Lester , Ervin Santana MedlinePlus . RP - Franklin , Lidge , Jenks , Borowski , Balfour MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm torn because I feel like I am giving up a lot, but I need help bad SP . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help would be greatly appreciated.
What were the Rays thinking trading Delmon Young?8S.Cullen2012-10-23 22:29:02
Come on! This kid could be the next Mickey Mantle and he was TRADED?
I'm planning on trading Delmon Young for a pitcher. Who might I trade him for?1PurpleAndrew2012-08-09 03:26:02
Just give me the names of some pitchers that would be an equal trade for D Young.
K-Rod (i give up) for delmon young, please read league details bellow, to understand why i would consider this1Llama gone Bonkers 2012-10-25 03:52:48
This is a 5x5 league , 20 team H2H . We maintain our year round rosters , so the only way is aqcuire players trade or FA . I've been in the league two years , finishing 15th in the first year and 17 last year. The first year I tried to build and do well even though my team sucked , and learn't my lesson and now I've been stockpiling young talent . We proposed exemption for the first team and I have the number 1 waiver for next season . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Ok with all the details out of the way . I have quite a list potenital young good with some nice building blocks for the future . Included in my list are established stars Holliday and K -Rod , and Kendrick potential coming stars , Longoria , Daric Barton , Adam Jones , waiver number 1 (which I will use in Jay Bruce ) . My pitchers include Cole Hammels , K - Rod , Jeff Francis , John Danks , Miller and Andrew Zito MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus My question is that can operate K - Rod for Delmon Young. In a normal league would become this in a heartbeat , but with our keepin
Which young red wing has the best chance of being traded?1may lou2012-10-14 10:25:01
Hudler Lebda guys like Filppula MedlinePlus Kronwall etc. Whoo 'd get if you trade and why it is better now and in the future
Morton. Hunter's CV1Winifred2012-04-04 05:14:01
Morton. Hunter CV
Trading an 80 hunter and 70 mage in WOW?0Xanthe2012-08-27 13:21:16
I want a warrior 80 to change these two characters . my account still has membership , and I will pay for it for a while. The account that is giving me TIME MEMBERS MUST HAVE ! Otherwise I do not bother trying to negotiate. Email me and let you know if I'm interested .
Commission of evil hunter you come in1 ωǒ Bu good ⿺ -2012-02-27 02:50:29
Commission evil hunter who come in his blog how ?
Monster hunter tri Wi-Fi questions?0need help with english essay assignment please2012-09-06 16:12:03
Ok , so I recently got the game Monster Hunter Tri and I know little things about configuring Wi - Fi and no option to trade if so could any of you give me an ax change my ID name is Ares is 756k81 THANKS !

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