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Have been scammed via Western Union10Clemen2012-02-12 02:24:36
Hello ! < / P > I think I've been cheated by Alan Bennett from A & K Electronics, Inc. < / a>. < / P > I'm not sure if you are really involved in this scam. He suggested I pay for ship through WU, and writes on behalf of any transaction I want, then I had to give him the MTCN number and the sender's name only. After he wrote the MTCN and sender name (name of recipient was different from mine , and was written in my friend). < / P > Before giving the information that I could see on the site of WU money "is availble " but after I wrote that I saw in the same place as "the money collected" how is this possible? How could he get the money unless you know the recipient's name . < / P> I asked him if he has the money , but he wrote , not recevie . < / P> If anyone knows the answear or suggestions on how to return the money from WU please write. < / P > Thanks many. < / P >
Western Union0Bababa2012-07-30 16:36:02
Why do we have to use Western Union as a payment method from Australia. A sample shirt we were buying cost $43.00 but the money transfer was $20.00 AUD, it is not worth the cost as we can buy the same thing for $45.00 here in Australia. There must be a cheaper way of trading.
western union buyer protection0Taliah2012-07-07 18:37:01
Is it suspicious when a seller wants western union money transfer as only payment option? I am new at this and need some advice about it.
Western union, paypal, moneybookers?0jimmy junior2012-08-02 18:32:02
I am selling a wow account for 350$ over a money trade service. I here alot about scamming since the scammer can get refunds on virtual goods. The transaction will go like this. 1.I give username and pass ( all he can do is delete char.. but why, can get stuff back anywhos ) 2. he pays 3. When i receive cash he changes info and deal is sealed. What could possibly go wrong and what is the best service for this?
Can i believe this company who accept only Western union payment?1antilope2012-03-18 21:53:57
Hello I went on alibaba to buy a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 , so I posted in the section of buyers and few hours later , someone will respond with the shipping process. But because last week someone sent me not my product after I paid him I wonder if someone as already done a deal with them ? Here are details of the company : Name on alibaba : Lotron Ltd Information sent me : Name and Head Office: TRADING 24-7 ( Europe) Limited 40 Locks Heath CENTRE CENTER WAY Locks Heath SOUTHAMPTON HAMPSHIRE UNITED KINGDOM SO31 6DX Company No. 07129395 Tel No # : +447024095614 Thanks for the answers
dispost mony in western union or monygram1no comment2012-02-10 16:51:29
hello the Scramm use this deposit so the money from Western Union or Money Gram in the name of Ur and when l delivery of goods or will u will go back and change the recipient's name to my name so that l will be able to make money here u can do so quickly so I can make a referral dont harmony Deposit Western Union or harmony Gramm
Has anyone dealt with Bashir Impex? If a company only wants western union or moneygram is it a scam?1BraveBeast - Xoide (irc.pyrosphere.org) 2012-08-13 19:08:02
Has anyone dealt with Bashir Impex ? If a company only wants Western Union or MoneyGram is a scam ?
Why are suppliers that only accept payment via Western Union allowed to conduct business on Alibaba?3Sandy2012-03-22 00:53:01
As much as Western Union charges a customer to send money somewhere, you would think that would provide greater consumer protection through Western Union as payment method for Internet commerce . After recently being scammed twice by the same individual, for a total of $ 1,000 , I learned of the many reasons for not using this as a payment method the hard way . There must be a method of payment available to customers who are afraid to send money to a company they had never done business with before it is safer and offers more protection for someone like me who was recently shopping first international . Alibaba warns consumers to be warned against doing business with a company that only accepts payment through Western Union .... however, Alibaba is the same reason that are capable of carrying out their fraudulent in the first place. Certainly , it gives me mixed signals about this site and any future transactions that take place here.
I think I have been scammed.. What do i do now?0Liz [please... urgent!]2012-10-26 09:16:28
Unfortunately convinced me to pay $ 8900 for software CFS Stock Exchange, Man conviced to buy the program (Business cold call) and told me that not a single customer has not won 20 grand a year .. I paid by Visa debit card. The glossy brochure that I had promised to send results to a 18% growth per month for day trading on ASX using its software Market. MedlinePlus I wanted so bad to be true ... MedlinePlus Manuel received a user, a software CD and a folder to hold it in. MedlinePlus I installed the software, while very astute customer service instructed me on the phone. MedlinePlus I started two days ago, the trade paper in the program, which is the practice and not with real money (not that I have much left now!) And bought the recommended actions. The program tells you what to buy and when to sell. Only 2 of the 10 stocks have risen. He said that the program had a success rate of 83%, which I think is complete nonsense. MedlinePlus Obviously not. Since then I have found many forums on CFS warning and it is a scam, you could be in denial, but I know the chances are you will not get my money so I address my wretched investing $ 500? MedlinePlus Has anyone heard of chronic fatigue syndrome? MedlinePlus If I invest $ 500 in my last actions I'm supposed to, I have a feeling I'll be throwing my money .. again ... But I feel like what I do not spend all the money for nothing ..... By the way it works ... MedlinePlus But how could I get my money? Please help me, I will give a refund because I used the program and just try to go back, I assure you it works. MedlinePlus I have 21 years old, my mother gave me the inheritance money and now I'm too embarrassed to tell the truth where all the money is gone .... What I can say? MedlinePlus I am very depressed and I can not mourn, I feel like an absolute idiot and I really do not know what to do! : (
I WAS SCAMMED!3wergtyh 2012-02-28 22:31:01
hi .. i was scammed by a vendor 600sgd Gold for iPhone $ 4 .. ¿ I can have the refund back?
Will I be scammed?1Tom2012-10-24 21:26:02
Hello, This I am new to this site. I want to order bottles of water from a Malaysian company . How I can make sure they are legit ? Payments will only be made ​​via T / T , Western Union , MoneyGram and I hear that are popular among scammers. thanks
I got scammed on Craigslist?0Help!2012-08-04 20:35:02
Hi, I traded my ps3 120gb for a xbox 360 250gb that turns out doesnt work! He never provided me with his phone and I think he gave me a fake name too! He disactivated his e-mail adress and the phone number he was texting me from was from his ipod which he deleted! What can I do! We meet at a library...

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