Home decoration, how to save money?

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Home decor , how to save money?
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Home improvement has in mind, "six counts" should be an amount set in the budget needs overhaul later, in the following points: 1. Design features: designed to select the experts to design the total cost of the renovation costs 20.5% of the range. 2. Account of material: the current renewal is the product of material for the assembly line are the decoration has become a model, the execution of three building materials market, you can exercise in the final price. But first, they should be allowed to set the detailed decoration materials menu, the calibration is probably the market price of mining materials to prepare for when the Kanjia. Second, we estimate the amount appropriate for a variety of decorating materials, the proportion of losses over the provisions to prevent cutting corners decoration. 3. Inquiry: Kanjia is actually in the market for decorating materials, trade negotiation, the purpose is to explore research materials clean reserve prices. 4. Budget: in the design and ask prices based on those with the renovation budget for the full replacement cost of materials. 5. Time to take account of: prior to renewal set aside enough time for design, materials, research, and Budget has made the best preparation, adjusting to the faster speed. Arrangements in time for preparation thereof, but also to organize the order of the collected materials, the order must be synchronized with the renewal process, and a little ahead of schedule, you can use now is to buy, to prevent misuse of the period. 6. Equity: the decoration signed contract should include the use of materials, specify the brand and price by mutual agreement. By signing the contract after acceptance must be given to the decoration, a problem, the Party shall be responsible within the deadline, the contract must state this.
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