How does one get a message to the President of the United States?

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This message is that there is a great solution that gave work nationwide . A youth for youth will bring stability to save the planet . A concert to attract financing . Trades Show to begin work . Booths to show their hands in green solutions . Three events of the day to take the audience with hours of music and art and dance for all ages . Every single city will host the event connected to all universities , private schools and public schools . Also ` s mission to help street children poverty hit a place that you can get out of sight of gangs , guns and drugs . Along with the concert and trade show a home office opened for staff and members to start working on the company to open the event in other cities and other countries . This plan will start many more jobs and fund all students who are connected to form and learn new and creative ideas in the recovery and conservation of the planet . The show trades and sideways concert begins at 11 am and closes 6: pm then the concert starts at 7 pm and closes at 11 : pm the first Friday starts w / homegrown artist , national day two international artist will be held on Saturday and Sunday was the closing off w / artist who will carry the message to the youth to work together and provide a future for jobs , stability , funding in all areas of environmental solutions globally. So the planet may heal and give our young people again a greener and healthier planet . There are so many things that has not been said of this company to help our youth from around the globe . But most importantly, this plan will help implement labor stimulation and funding and help the country and youth and more.
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For Obama .. send you a huge donation and you can receive a message .
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