There is order in my hand, want to send nonlocal plant, how to discover the plant with good reputation?

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I, because the cost is higher than Shanghai , the company has to dress for your machine to send one else wants to produce the treatment but suffer all the time focus of the processing factory with less than good credit.
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Without good method which, in search of origin, the conversations at home, the stupiddest method! You can go from Fujian, Guangdong is still trying to smooth leaves, hearing about these two places, still pretty good, I think it does not compare Shanghai to say this too high to be bothered just at all, you can search clique that is recommended You seek a great opportunity a bit, so your blind, now this child a lot of society. Being around as the local manufacturer cooperates, more want discretion. Governments seek to shore least as far as possible, given the problem of protectionism place to let you regret dead otherwise, is well outside the hair is still basically see its real strength will see ..... . personally the machines will be at ease looks manufacturer. Make a payment processing wants to take what does not cheat only. You can not look for the factory processing center. These plants can run processing is foreign. I also came across this problem, you travel around trading on their own, those who receive it Xiaochan, some did not use family before the factory to go up, a little help continuing reluctance by accident period of property, you decision is to plant a little later, two ground Shenzhen, Guangzhou contrast 10 or so, found two more stability to cooperate to fall eventually. 1. Look for the introduction friend who does quality control foreign company, this type of person who often walks around kind of factory, the family factory in the hand is over, the average volume has, tell them your needs, find a factory that has specific objective so. 2. In the large plant personnel that works well, had imported, ask at the counter, the plant generally large, busy before, when it comes, however, there are always a few times outside the small plant that sends order form, these small plants may mix the former large plant is similar, you can agree with your claim. 3. Will address their need, the friend in course of research study falls, or search the network then the small factory that focuses a number of machines on earth. Machine clothing some small batch fashion, for example, Guangzhou, near large Lujiang has many small plant, comparing the concentration, suitable for appearance. The order is little now, a lot of plants remains hard, more active small order. The other day the plant that a friend introduced a hill still horizontal, went to look, that way the factory is unlikely to receive as little leaf in my hand before, but now gladly cooperate. Also look for the plant a few come through the network news, but the satisfaction he seeks most that come to be less than that sought by the introduction or oneself as a whole. Regarding type of machine, a few small plants also have common injection / machine lace machine matchs clean, there was basic, face some special type of procedure does not work a machine, it's okay to take professional plant has a machine to do, such as a cooperating mill complete set of technical know a little plant. The 50 people in Guangzhou to help me make treatment are young factory is such. Taken together, still rely on having enough to introduce specific objective can also cooperate with the search itself, the same time makes an appointment with the factory to close some positions more, spending some time inevitable that fills me why much twisting to say that the Guangdong Guangdong · not come cheap · Quality? ? Good Alleged price of a Shanghai · · · Price is high, but must go to Guangzhou · making the calculation to calculate the charge to make a return to business continues to be a little give a · · · I recommend you to look directly Zhejiang reach the minimum price is lower than Shanghai Guangzhou not high quality · There is no problem at all. . .
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