Teenager thinking about playing the stock market? how should i start? related questions

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Teenager thinking about playing the stock market? how should i start?1blish2012-11-02 19:46:01
I want to start playing in the stock market and make some money. How does one start doing this?0abc2012-10-02 07:21:03
I've never had any experience in stock market operations or anything before .... so I really need a step by step way to do this ... Do you have to have a lot of money to start ?
Teenager Investing In The Stock Market?0yaz2012-08-14 18:11:02
I have 15 years and I want to start investing in the stock market and teach me little by little, but I would have to have an escrow account . The problem is that my parents do not know how to negotiate and want to learn for myself. If you open an escrow account , I have control of when buying and selling I have no control or what ever ? Thank you !
Teenager looking to invest summer earnings in stock market?1Clemen2012-10-09 08:40:02
I'm a teenager sitting on 5 large , and would like to make more money . Should I open any type of account in electronic commerce or a similar website ? Is short term trading a good way to get benefits ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a friend who has done great in the past few years, stock trading , and I would do the same . The Camaro look really bright ..
Is there a law against the U.S. Government playing the stock market with taxpayer money?0lachauncia2012-10-10 19:37:38
I realize you might need some supervision to the extent that the conflict of interest might be concerned , but there is a law that prohibits the federal government ( or even a state government ) to invest in a company listed on bag to raise money from the national budget availbe ?
Any suggestions on how to start my teenager in trading?5brena2015-07-18 19:47:43
My daughter has expressed interest in buying and selling shares. I would like to establish an account with about $ 200.00 to start .... I can set the account ?
I would like to start trading in the penny stock market, but don't know where to start.Culd u advise websites?0Khin2012-09-28 20:42:02
I would like to start trading in the penny stock market , but do not know where or advise start.Culd websites ?
I have been thinking about investing in the stock market. There is an on line company called share builder.?0wess2012-08-30 17:58:02
Has anyone done any operations with them ? Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with the stock market through share builder ?
Im thinking of playing pokemon trading card game online?0Ilovemath2012-10-11 04:53:06
so I have to buy a starter deck black and white theme , or I can go directly to the booster packs to play online instead of wasting my money on energy cards for online games .
I want to start trading in share market.. how can i learn about the stock market?1Keri Ann2015-07-14 02:37:09
are there any quality online courses that will give me enough knowledge to do so? i dont care if they are paid or free, i need to know the system.. plz help me out!! :)
What is the age to start investing in the stock market?0Ande2012-10-03 18:50:58
I have 16 years old and inspired more funding . I just inherited money and want to start making my own trades with the money he received . Is there an age limit to open an account in the fidelity or something like eTrade . If so what is it and if you know how I can start my process with another company , please inform me ASAP.
How to start trading in the stock market??0smb2012-07-15 14:01:02
I m a new high-school graduate, want to have some knowledge about the stock market in Hong kong, how and from where to start, how much minimum $$ do i need to have? i have also studied in commerce tht i can also buy debentures, and make guaranteed interest, how much $$ do i need for tht and how can i start??

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