What are derivatives, derivative instruments along with accounting policies and procedures for derivatives? related questions

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What are derivatives, derivative instruments along with accounting policies and procedures for derivatives?0jil2012-10-13 21:08:30
It's like I was sleeping when the world turned around and now there's all this talk about derivatives and do not know what is / are . The context in which I referred is seen trading in the energy sector .
Do I have to pay CGT when trading derivatives?0gil2012-07-30 17:15:55
Financial Derivatives, OPTIONS.?0Zackery2012-10-01 12:45:02
Hello can anyone plz help me with options ? If the purchase of a long call eg Apple @ $ 8 per contract ( My cousin and $ 800 + cc ) , the current price of $ 150 and $ 160 hit . Later, the option is priced at $ 165. Am I right in saying my current profit is 165-158 = $ 700? Now, I can sell the option back , so my profit of $ 700 and will end there , done deal . Or should I buy / sell stocks real . I hope someone can help me . Maybe there is a site on the ground that can be used , please provide . Also, what is the purchasing power of choice ? And another thing , my loss is limited to my initial premium of $ 800 , although prices fell overnight with about 50 % ? greetings MedlinePlus regards
Should the trading in financial derivatives should be done away with?0boa2012-09-10 10:22:03
Considering the fact that the instruments were primarily responsible for the global economic crisis ?
How many stocks or derivatives should a day trader focus on?2raychael2012-11-04 23:05:01
are day traders focused on a few stocks or derivatives that they feel comfortable with? or are they trading many kinds of stocks or derivatives within a day?
I am interested in knowing about trading in derivatives in the US Stock market.?0Please,Please Help2012-09-09 11:41:02
I'm interested in knowing about derivatives trading in the U.S. stock market . ?
Is anyone out there making money trading options derivatives? Is it possible to earn a living doing this?0 fish curry -2012-10-24 10:57:51
Please answere only if you have real experiance trading options and derivatives . MedlinePlus What is a good place to start learning how to negotiate ? MedlinePlus Can you recommend a specific website for option and derivative trading ? MedlinePlus I know there are significant amoung of risk involved , but the rewards are great too.
Does Warren Buffett trade in shares and derivatives short term?1uop2012-09-25 04:22:03
Warren Buffett Is short term trading as the purchase of shares or derivatives for a few days and sell within a few days or months .
Why won't the government ban derivatives trading, it is used in most cases of stock manipulation and fraud?3rose -Ms. Sue2012-09-16 17:25:03
Some so complex that they need a degree in mathematics to understand.
Chicago Trading Career Opportunities? forex, derivatives, futures?0douglas2012-08-05 17:22:02
Does anyone know of any chicago trading firms that have career level trading opportunities for new entrants? (Generally when you start a new job, the company doesn't require a $5,000 deposit upfront.)
What impact will centralised clearing of OTC derivatives have on the energy trading industry?0Miquela2012-07-19 11:27:01
Is it possible to trade penny stocks and Options derivatives using spread betting? Please answer. Thanks.?0Draco2012-10-06 00:35:32
I wonder if it is possible to negotiate with penny stocks and derivatives also use options spread betting ? Please answer to the best star best answer . Thank you.

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