Any virtual worlds out there you'd recommended?

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Hi all, I am currently looking for a virtual world ( or if it's her, mmorpg ) to pass the time and I was wondering if anyone knew any decent ones out there ? I used to go in , but unfortunately , like most former therians know , not close ... Basically I'm looking for a virtual world where you can just relax , have some fun and just basically have fun ... Looking for something like is not a difficult task , but I am determined to find somewhere! Basically had paintball guns , cars , hover - ships ( basically flying machines ) , hover bikes , hover boards , dogs , rocket / jet packs , housing characteristics , neighborhood , voice chat , quests , clothing , accessories , the ability to do what you just said excluding dog and voice chat, environment friendly , the ability to buy and sell things (auctions and markets) , commercial properties , events , able to buy the currency , and as they do in the game and a butt load of other things . .. Basically , I was playing one of the best possible virtual worlds for me and then went out because of the recession ... Dark times indeed ... MedlinePlus Anyway, does anyone know any good virtual worlds like this ? I do not want to play anything like Kaneva or Second Life as I find these rather boring and limited ... For any of you want to know how it felt to try to see what kind of world I'm looking for , typing " " in youtube or similar websites should give you a general idea ... Sorry if I was ambiguous and vague on this question, but ... yes I would appreciate any help! ^ _ ^ MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , if it helps , I'd like a virtual world aimed more toward adults than in children ... Or as directed both are awesome = ]

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