Should the Mets sign Manny if it means they can't sign Oliver Perez, Ben Sheets or Randy Wolf?

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At the beginning of last season, was 137.4 million. Eventually, through incentives and transactions, which was 143 million dollars. The Mets' payroll is right around 127 million at this time, including expected salary for Feliciano. It is fair to say that the Mets probably spend at least 143 million, like last season. That leaves the Mets with at least $ 16 million, but may be up to about 23 million. They always publicly said he has no plans to revise the luxury tax, which is 160 million. Perez Signing at 10-11 per year, more than Manny at 22-23 million per year would push them to pay the luxury tax. Signing Manny leaves or Wolf would force plus. Another option might be to Delgado for the prospects of freeing trade some salary, and move the platoon Murphy / Tatis 1B. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I hear people screaming Manny without thinking though. People think Manny is the personality that has been a diversion, but I think that is the market. If they expressed public interest, however, could be measured at market value. Honestly, right now if I had to go into the season with their current rotation, would not be happy. Santana, Pelfrey and Maine would be as good as you want. But 2 out of 5 days a week is a market issue. You can have a day, if that is in Redding, Garcia or Niese, similar to the way the Phillies will do with Kendrick, Happ, Carrasco or Park. Obviously, the Mets intend to sign a SP, but I wonder if it is possible, with Manny + 20 million a year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Just to get an idea out there but from the Mets and baseball fans, is it worth signing Manny agreement year 2 or 3 if it meant that Perez can not sign, leaves or Wolf? I will not include Peter, because he is no better than what the Mets have in the end anyway. 4 and 5 would mean the owners would be filled by Garcia, Redding, Niese and Parnell. Honestly, I do not know if I could be comfortable with that, even if Manny impressive. A combination of Perez and the remainder (eg, Abreu or Dunn) is probably better than Manny and launchers. MedlinePlus Of course, if you really wanted Manny and launchers could find in the commercial market and try to make something happen there. Maybe Andy Sonnastine? Both markets seem quite dry though.
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I think Manny could be quite helpful for the Mets . With late collapses in the last two seasons , I think the Mets need is someone who can finish the season strong and take them to the playoffs . Manny is a proven postseason hero , and could be just what the doctor ordered for the Mets
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