So my boyfriend is on vacation....?

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who is visiting her parents in a foregin country ... far, far away from the little old USA . So ... talk online every night that is traded in the stock market ( the time difference is like 12 hours ) So Sunday was going to go to another country with his parents to visit relatives .... i asked if we spoke Sunday n I said yes he is leaving home for the airport at noon , so let's talk . So my boyfriend never misses a day in trading in the stock market for anything . Soooo ... Sunday i log on and hes no ... so I think hes worried n packaging or something ... today is Monday thennnn ... No other trading day is not yet here . The scariest things are going through my mind I can not help but wonder hes hurt . Should I be freaking out ? I do not think this has happened with us (we've been dating for five years ) His cell is disconnected from hes been there so no other communication addressed to him toher that m yahoo messenger.i "about to go crazy : ( i No worries I miss him
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I suggest you get your own lawyer and take him to visit.
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