Notes cutting workshop

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Cutting Workshop Notes
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The cut is the base of the seam, the cut must be cut to ensure the accuracy of the garment is cut and the error between the model. Batch processing of clothing often require the specification of the size of the clothes and cut the number of sub-bed, according to a reasonable model for the management of nesting sites, reducing the time between the layers of the garment should be compatible with the provisions of error. The method is not correct items of clothing not only shape the structure completely from the design, but also result in great waste. In batch processing, will give producers a lot of damage. Induction reached, the court properly should include the following requirements: master the correct order to open the CD. That is straight out without splitting, first out of the mouth in the mouth after the first zero after all the little anise material paragraph by paragraph surgery, recovery, paragraph by paragraph. Hold the corner of the treatment. When the corner of the garment should be different on both sides of the feed horn to open the CD, but not continually cut corners to ensure a precise cut. Rotary pressure left material, required uniform and smooth, no tilt, pushing the right hand the knife with ease, speed and neat. Cutting blade to remain vertical, to avoid errors of the layers. To ensure that the blade is always strong, but can not empty blade to ensure a good straight edge pieces. Positioning when playing standard knife-edge, first class and of course did not last more than 3 mm. Cutting blade when the temperature is too high to pay attention, especially synthetic fibers, high temperature edge of the garment is easy to produce color, brown, adhesion and other phenomena, while dirt can cause the sheet. Cutting is not an independent work, carried out before the court, such as materials from the store, such as painting and other preparations. Tent material is material in accordance with the provisions of the plant and the length of the necessary materials for the fabrication of materials according to the store, the store cut the bed in order to take samples and opens. Materials for high scalability, workshop materials should be placed after hours, so that after the reduction of shrinkage stress. Material store has its own technical requirements: formation of petroleum. Store material should be flat to the surface of each layer of material, without wrinkles, uneven distortion of this phenomenon. Otherwise, the deformation of the garment, sewing the difficult task, and the effects of clothing and adversely affect quality. Selvage alignment. Shop to apply the material to be aligned on either side of the fabric material, can not have the phenomenon of uneven, otherwise easily lead to a change in size of the short side pieces sized pieces, resulting in sub -drives. Shore in the mouth to the general requirements more stringent, requiring top-down and ordered, the difference shall not exceed 2 mm, as in the port area will be used for future reference marker edge. To ensure that the natural formation of the other party. A uniform tension as small as possible. To purchase training materials, when necessary, apply a little tension, the force must be uniform and as small as possible to prevent uneven shrinkage and stress wrinkles. The same address, qualify. Much of the material is significantly negative or has a special meaning, store materials to ensure consistent results when the material should be kept in the same direction. On the positive pattern. For articles, cases, flower of Hangzhou, the design of materials, the effect of exceptional design of the security or, in the row of plate design, the requirements of the course material in the workshop in accordance with design requirements positive model. The careful and meticulous preparation before the conference, to master the correct cutting method, and then carry out a procedure for processing under garments --- fashion. Additional material shop of view, we must ask a lot of fabric as the width of the narrowest part skin, which is the base width. The tension of the fabric, the lining of concrete, and textiles, fabric side can play slots at regular intervals, which can force the web to avoid uneven shrinkage and wrinkles. Some fabrics are the downstream section (cell), and require symmetrical before the movie, after the tablet in the downstream section (cell), the method can have the check sheet. I feel like cutting the skin to save time in a single pass.
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