If i purchase a stock after-hours, will i get the next day opening market price or the current closing price? related questions

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If i purchase a stock after-hours, will i get the next day opening market price or the current closing price?0Judie2012-10-12 04:45:58
Let's say I try to buy stock in x xxxx at 7:30 PM . Clearly , this is after hours trading . However, when the order passed by the next day , I buy it at the closing price or the current day's opening price the next day ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , if I , for example, transactions or stop loss limit of a sales transaction , they charge me even if the operation is not completed ? Will I have to pay to the order and the actual sale or purchase ?
Why is the market price higher than the closing price of a stock?1not_good_at_math2012-09-29 06:45:02
An ETF that I am seeing now closed on Friday at $ 76.60 per share . If I buy that stock at the market price , it becomes 78.50. Why the much higher market value for a particular population that the closing price ? If after hours trading has influenced the price , how I can keep track of fluxuations ? All followers of values ​​only time I deal with the U.S. market is open . thanks
If after hour trading goes up, will stock price start the next day at the after hours price or the day B4's?0SaladBowl Head2012-07-22 15:12:02
If after -hours trading goes up, stock prices began the next day at the price of hours later or the day of B4 ?
What makes a stock open so far from the closing price of the previous day?2sadie2012-10-10 13:33:02
Specifically, stocks which DO NOT trade after hours.
Question on opening and closing of a stock?0Lyndzey2012-09-04 17:30:04
Hi , I am interested in making a small investment in the stock market. I'm very new , so please keep this in mind . MedlinePlus What does it mean exactly when a stock opens and closes. I have said that hours of market change are: MedlinePlus Monday - Friday MedlinePlus 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm - ( New York / EST ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus After hours of market hours are : MedlinePlus 4:00 p.m. ET to 6:30. ( New York / EST ) MedlinePlus So what does this mean? If I were to use a discount broker to buy my actions , how I will take a few days? For example , if I were to buy a stock that was $ 10 before market hours ended , I remain $ 10 until 9:30 am the next morning , when the market begins hour? Among market hours , is that the price fluctuates ? when is exactly what the price is fixed ? if so when will remain fixed when conducted through an online discount broker ? And what is the difference between the newspaper and after market hours ? There are a lot of questions and I hope someone is kind enough to help . I'll be waiting for your reply . thanks
How to know cassava current market price in china0MaKalya2012-07-18 03:44:02
I have noticed the NMX changes in price during different market hours, can someone explain this?0Rey SU2012-09-20 06:23:03
What are the hours of the Mercantile Exchange ? I can exchange my shares ? , While the stock market is closed if I have a money market account before / after ?
Excuse me, the current market price is the number of vending machines ah? ? ?1阿富汗2012-03-03 20:28:22
Sorry, the current market price is the number of vending machines ah ? ? ?
Is it legal to issue preferred shares below the current market price?0NAY2012-09-09 07:54:02
A company I'm investing heavily in preferred shares issued only to 0.13 cents, while the company is trading at 2 times that price. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The board was given a brochure 10% of the company's future options that buying preferred shares created as special conditions to the letter of the preferred stock , and then voted to approve the share price below market.
How can Yahoo's price per share drop before pre market trading hours?0To Lay の. 2012-08-30 03:55:14
I did not start shopping until 8pm ! But the price of the shares of Yahoo were up at 7:10 ! What ? If the SEC is involved or legal? I'm confused !
Calculate stock closing price given the annual dividend and dividend yield percentage?1Tiffany2021-11-12 00:32:36
You found stock prices for the following DKE , Inc. , in your favorite website . You will also find that the population pays an annual dividend of $ 0.86 , resulting in a dividend yield of 1.30 percent. What was the yesterday's closing price for this stock ? How many servings round of shares were traded yesterday? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can anyone tell me how to address this? thanks
Do I have a better chance of selling stock at my LIMIT price in Extended Hours trading?0AmyD2012-11-04 16:04:57
SLB stock

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