How do I cancel an order on Aliexpress ??

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Asked at 2012-02-11 19:10:36
You may cancel your order after payment ( before suppliers ship the order) . You also need to contact the provider and agree to cancel the order. To cancel your order online :
Answer1ArthuAnswered at 2012-02-11 19:15:52
1 . Get My orders 2 . Click to cancel order 3 . Click " Cancel Order" (If you choose the reason for the first or second , the order will be canceled because the buyer and supplier will not be punished . However , if you choose any of the other reasons , the supplier shall be liable and that related to the product will AliExpress eliminated . ) If agreement is reached , the supplier will not ship the order and the transaction is automatically canceled. If no agreement , the supplier will ship the order. Tip: To ensure that the correct items are ordered , we suggest you read the detailed product description carefully before ordering. If you are unsure , you can also chat with the supplier in real time by clicking the "Chat now" or send a message by clicking on 'Contact' .
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