On the stock market was is the significance of "after hours trading"? related questions

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On the stock market was is the significance of "after hours trading"?0AUTUMNN AND ASHLEYY NEED HELP!2012-10-11 15:09:42
Many times after the market closes on seeing an increase or decrease in the price of a particular stock that is not reflected in the official price on the board. What does this mean? tks
Is there any significance to the big pickup in volume today on the stock market trading?2zech2012-10-12 01:37:02
There were over 2 billion NYSE shares traded today than yesterday when the market fell 500 points Is this a sign that the market is about to turn ?
What does "after hours trading" mean on the stock market?2Firefly2012-08-12 14:52:02
I realized that after the markets closed there after market trading . Are these people in other time zones still have access to it until 4pm your time?
What are the market hours for stock options trading?0per4mer2012-07-30 15:32:56
The regular hours are 9:30 securities until 4 , but there are hours before and after is nothing like that for options trading ?
Why does the stock market drop when after hours trading begins?0lovebug_7072012-11-02 11:15:28
I am fairly new to stock trading but I was watching my holdings and I noticed that when after hours begins the stocks take a dive. Why does this happen?
Does "extending trading" on the stock market mean the same as "after-hours trading"? thank you. ;)?0vance2012-08-14 17:40:03
Do you have "trade extends" in the stock market means the same as "after trading hours "? Thank you. ;) ?
Stock market pre-hours?0Antonette2012-08-10 23:45:39
So if I were to put a limit order to a town in the morning, so early was to place before the market opens and not really be considered extended hours trading ?
If the stock market opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 4:00 PM (ET), how do people trade "after hours?"?0lilshay2012-09-10 11:11:03
Who is authorized to negotiate " after hours " because I do not think regular investors like me are allowed?
In stock trading what is the significance of 52 week high/low ?How is it going to help buying/selling decision?4ELENA ROMINA2012-09-10 03:55:02
In the bag of what the meaning of the 52 week high / low ? How are you going to help buy / sell decision?
What are the trading hours for the futures market?0ohwoo2012-07-29 10:07:02
I am referring to futures contracts on the S & P 500 or ESH2 . I know the days and hours that I can place trades . Thank you !
What does it mean when the market opens and closes, and then there is also "After Hours Trading"?2Shalese2012-07-18 06:50:03
Can someone please explain to me the difference between after hour trading and buying and selling stock during the market hours? Thanks for the help!
If i purchase a stock after-hours, will i get the next day opening market price or the current closing price?0Judie2012-10-12 04:45:58
Let's say I try to buy stock in x xxxx at 7:30 PM . Clearly , this is after hours trading . However, when the order passed by the next day , I buy it at the closing price or the current day's opening price the next day ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , if I , for example, transactions or stop loss limit of a sales transaction , they charge me even if the operation is not completed ? Will I have to pay to the order and the actual sale or purchase ?

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