What is the difference in buying a stock in US dollars or CDN Dollars? related questions

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What is the difference in buying a stock in US dollars or CDN Dollars?0Dancer2012-10-11 11:18:02
There are several such as RIMM and RIM When one is sold in Canadian currency and the other is in U.S. currency . Can someone explain the meaning of this? IE . I bought the USD and the USD fell against the Canadian dollar going ? And vice versa . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
How Many Billions did George Soros Make Buying US Dollars Short?1baby2012-09-05 04:42:05
Most of his fortune trading currencies, just wondering how in recent years its billions came from the sale of U.S. dollar short. If it did, I think it's very unpatriotic.
Why isn't GM stock worth 0 dollars?1Brigit2012-10-11 23:07:03
GM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy . Why is the stock trading at around U.S. $ 0.8 and around 0.00 ?
How do you "day trade" on the stock market? what if you win 10,000 dollars in a day? how much is for the gov?0astasia2012-08-20 18:30:02
The way to do " day trading " in the stock market ? What if you earn $ 10,000 in one day? how much is for the government?
NBA Stock Exchange... about additional NBA SE dollars... help...?0BIO?!2012-08-27 17:43:02
Changing my NBA , the initial budget is $ 300 MedlinePlus I then bought players , I have nine players each on my list positions MedlinePlus so the value of my team now became $ 293.86 , but other teams (global ) in its league has $ 300 to $ 400 value MedlinePlus team What should I do to receive an additional $ NBA Exchange to buy more players on the floor ? MedlinePlus I need answers as soon as possible ...
If I put 500 dollars in the stock market through an on-line trading site, will I have a very good return?0Franci2012-08-27 00:24:17
I'm wanting to invest about $ 500 , stocks are cheap , and I want to use some of my my taxes as an investment . Will I get a very good performance in a few years ? Two years? $ 500 is too low to start with ? What would you invest your extra $ 500 if you were to invest ? Thank you !
Please could you list companies that started trading thier stock with pennies and now thier stocks in dollars?1Pd2012-09-20 09:41:04
Please could you list the companies that started thier stock trading with pennies and dollar reserves thier now?
2 thousand dollars do?1`sunflower2012-04-24 00:28:21
Only two thousand yuan, I do not know what money?
How much is 27.50 euros in dollars?1Natha2012-02-12 04:22:41
How much is 27.50 euros in dollars?
I may be a sum of 710 dollars today.1Dempse2012-04-17 18:42:38
I am a delivery ticket . Under the weather today with light rain. Just send the bill back to the company to pay. We found that a person may not be fined . How I can do. Please give me a return ticket will be the best solution. Thank you . Location: I Songpiao to guests after the designated areas . It's six . Customers have been out of work. . Single ticket delivery ticket is only written to the designated place after the call (in front of a business but not sure if that company. ) Check out the joint bid . When guests gave me the gossip , I forgot to collect the money and left. Now I'm back to the company to pay later discovered to play a lot of phone calls to guests are not invited to collect. How I can do ? If I get through the guests how to take the lack of recognition. And no address detailed delivery slip , you can find any utility (the company to ask ) if he hit his head with our office called to say he did wrong. I became his complaint. A maximum fine of 200 yuan by the company is possible. But I do not receive the money (the company had established a precedent) Please give me a better ah. My monthly salary of $ 800. Questions added: exclude a report. They can be fired. Products of our company is service. No offense to the guests. Because this is my fault. Reckless .
What do I do with 40 dollars at GameStop?3Keishante2012-10-15 12:19:02
Ok , so I changed a couple of games , and originally had $ 77 in store credit , but now I'm up to 40 , so what should I get? I love RPGs ! I love when you can run and be free, but I would not mind a good story! So none of that would be great. Thanks in advance, I am open to spending a little more if necessary, if the credit does not cover everything .
Where would you put a million dollars?1T.M.L2012-11-04 12:14:03
The problem is you have to put in places that are on the Internet . You have no home or with friends or family to go with you and not be buried and you can not take with you . Where do I put it ? You are helping to write a story about a man who steals the crowd and tries to disappear . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Most creative ideas to get better response MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Some examples of places online that I'm talking about : You could put some in a PayPal account , online bank account , or MedlinePlus stock trading account You could convert some to MedlinePlus E -gold You can invest in domain names and buy the expensive and then resell them later for cash MedlinePlus Bitcoins MedlinePlus etc.

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