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Is same day trading profitable- Buying low, selling high?0marymac2012-10-11 06:02:54
I recently started to trade stocks as a way to gain experience in the securities markets . I have about 20K play money ( $ $ I can experiment with , without risking 401K savings and investments ) and I wonder if it's a good idea to do day trading , and buy when the market is low and sell when the market is high. I have a self-directed brokerage account that charges 11.95 a trade for up to 1,000 shares , $ 0.01 per share after - I will be getting less than 1K shares anyway - I've been seeing some stocks that fluctuate around 4% ( day ) , so on a good day , if I catch large cap stocks , with a large volume , should be able to make a profit of 3% (if the trade at the right time ) . That will win me a good $ 450 per day ( based on 15K with 3 % gain ) . Does this work ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance
In stock trading what is the significance of 52 week high/low ?How is it going to help buying/selling decision?4ELENA ROMINA2012-09-10 03:55:02
In the bag of what the meaning of the 52 week high / low ? How are you going to help buy / sell decision?
What's they key to trading, buying, and selling stock?2jam ie2012-11-05 09:36:02
Just do not understand . I remember watching Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd , and it seemed that the idea was to buy low sell high and I was just guessing and take a chance . I want to know exactly what the strategy is .
How do Account Trading,Buying and selling websites work?0Lucy Brown2012-08-24 06:56:03
I want to be sure to sell one of my Call Of Duty 4 all accounts Warlock . I do not want to be ripped off How I can do this ? Do you recommend somewhere?
What happens and is the risk in trading (buying and selling) CALL OPTIONS?0drwls2012-09-14 00:11:04
I've been reading around and I'ts very confusing . Some people say that once you become a seller of an option ( option) to become a writer and the risk that the writer is the buyer can exercise the option ( can be unlimited ) . I say this because if I bought a call option is out of money , going well above the exercise price and then sell it for a hefty profit , but there is time remaining on the contract , what if someone holds the contract i sold , do I have to provide the shares ? Ex 's October and the price is 48, bought November 50 calls , a few weeks before maturity , sell the call option as the price is 56 , but near expiry stock price goes even higher, 60 +. What if I have no money to buy the shares if exercised ? Can this happen or not ?
How much do brokerage firms usually charge when trading or buying and selling stocks?0sweru2012-09-28 14:55:01
How much brokerage firms typically charge when trading or buying and selling stocks ?
Does anyone know a good website for buying/selling and trading stocks? Is it reliable?3Lamber2012-10-07 01:29:02
i am young and am only looking to invest around $50-100
Since corporations are people would buying and selling them be considered slave trading ?5Trac2012-10-12 22:20:02
Since companies are buying and selling people is considered the slave trade?
How should I justify buying/selling price points when trading stocks?1kitOy2012-10-02 21:40:02
How MMORPG gold selling, buying and trading companies operate?0N 'aicha2012-08-28 19:47:03
I am doing research on companies online gold trading such as IGE , etc .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had some difficulties to find and understand whether these are actually real companies with business numbers , etc. .. duly registered in countries like U.S. , UK, etc. .. ( Or perhaps Cayman Islands ) or are just individals sitting behind their computers at home occupied transeffing $ $ $ in their private bank accounts ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Someone I can bring more light on this? ? ? thanx
What Volume minimum is considered DANGEROUS when trading or in general buying or selling stocks.?2Michelle W.2012-08-22 07:16:02
The smaller the volume , the easier it is to manipulate a stock NO? ? ? ?
I use Scottrade now because I love her and I like streamer offices facing the window streamer BUT ! Scottrade has stupid rules wayyyyyyyy many as you can

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